Dear Veterans: Thank You

God Bless America

To my Dad, my step-brother, my online friends – including Lou and Kurt – my real life friend G. To everyone who has ever served our great nation in the fight for freedom: Thank you!!!! We are grateful for what you have all done for us, the country and the world.

Flaunt Your Flag Day

In support of students who dared to wear clothing depicting the American flag on the 5th of May, A Facebook event has been created, calling all patriotic Americans to display the flag today! If you’re a Facebook user, “attend” the online event. And, whether you are or not, if you have a flag, display it … Continue reading

Our Colors Don’t Run!

But, remember where you are. Remember why your parents, or your grandparents, or some distant ancestor sought out a better opportunity for your family than what they felt Mexico afforded them. Remember that, every day of the year, this is the US of freakin’ A. EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!

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