A Public Service Announcement for Seattle: STAY HOME!

Dear Seattle and other parts of Western Washington affected by yesterday’s snowstorm: It is currently 5:30 AM on the morning of Tuesday, November 23rd. I have just been outside. It is cold enough out there to test your frosticles! Additionally, while the snow has stopped, it is nowhere near safe. I’m on top of Capitol … Continue reading

Seahawks v 49ers – Fulfilling a Friend’s Final Wish

As many of you know, my very good friend David is dying from cancer. I met David in June of 2008, when I moved into the building where he already lived. We became close friends quickly when we discovered our birthdays were the same day. It’s a little coincidence, but sometimes things like that break … Continue reading

Support Arizona Business As Seattle City Council Jumps On The Boycott Bandwagon

Seattle’s City Council voted unanimously to enact yet another tiresome, misinformed, liberally idiotic boycott of Arizona in wake of the new immigration law (SB1070). Of course, Seattle made an exception for the only existing contract it has with an Arizona company, which runs our city’s red-light cameras. (Read the full Seattle Times article here.) The … Continue reading

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