How Illegal Immigration Affects Washington State and the Rest of the Country

As many of you know, I live in Seattle, one of the cities that has voted to boycott Arizona (when convenient to its own interests) based upon Arizona’s highly “racist” immigration law, popularly titled SB 1070, though there is actually a later version of the bill that corrects many of the objections raised as to … Continue reading

US Supreme Court Has Less Immigration “Friendly” Standards Than AZ Law

Thanks to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, appearing on today’s O’Reilly Factor, I was alerted to a 2005 Supreme Court Case – Muehler v. Mena, where the court speaks to the right of law enforcement officers to ask for an immigrant’s immigration papers. Not being a lawyer, I’m not sure I’m interpreting the case correctly, but … Continue reading

Support Arizona Business As Seattle City Council Jumps On The Boycott Bandwagon

Seattle’s City Council voted unanimously to enact yet another tiresome, misinformed, liberally idiotic boycott of Arizona in wake of the new immigration law (SB1070). Of course, Seattle made an exception for the only existing contract it has with an Arizona company, which runs our city’s red-light cameras. (Read the full Seattle Times article here.) The … Continue reading

Why Can’t Eric (Holder) Read?

He’s the Attorney General, and as a leading Obama ass-kisser, he’s jumping all over the Arizona Immigration Law’s constitutionality, by way of mentioning its inherent (and total factual lack of) racial profiling. But wait, there’s a problem. AG Holder hasn’t actually read the law. If he had, he’d know that racial profiling is streng verboten. … Continue reading

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