CA Federal Judge Strikes Down Prop 8 as Unconstitutional

Today, Judge Vaughn Walker struck down California’s Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. Proposition 8 is an amendment to the state’s constitution and defines marriage as between one man and one woman. It was passed by popular vote. In his ruling, Judge Walker, who is himself gay, stated: “Plaintiffs challenge Proposition 8 under the Due Process and … Continue reading

Landmark Prop 8 Ruling Expected Wednesday

According to every single news source in the world, Chief US District Judge Vaughn Walker has reached a decision on the constitutionality of Proposition 8. Prop 8, as you probably know, is an amendment to the state’s constitution that limits marriage as being between one man and one woman. According to The Huffington Post (because … Continue reading

NRB: Anti-Gay Meanies Refuse to Step Aside for Marriage Redefinition

Hey! It’s “official.” I’m now contributing, in my own small way, to David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog. I uploaded my first article last Friday and it was published early Saturday morning. When I make a new post there, I’ll post an excerpt here, so you can easily click through and read the post on NRB. Here’s … Continue reading

Prop 8 and the NOH8 Campaign

If you’re looking for a post from me stating my opinion on gay marriage, this is not that post. Rather, this post is about political maneuvering and the emotional shill game that often fuels debate in our society, especially when it comes to “equality” and “minority” issues. Proposition 8 is a an amendment to California’s … Continue reading

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