Red Eye: Frivolity … Possibly Not Safe For Work

Do NOT read this post if you are easily offended. Do not click on the links if you are younger than 18. The links and video contain explicit material (that is: sexual situations and nudity) It’s not that today’s episode of “Red Eye” wasn’t entertaining. It was. The cast was pithy and the guests were … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Molly Norris, Artist Behind “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day”

Seattle artist Molly Norris may best be known outside of the Emerald City as she who spawned worldwide controversy after creating “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day.” The even, in which everyday people were to draw cartoon depictions of the Islamic prophet and post them online created a worldwide furor, culminating in many fatwas being placed on … Continue reading

Dissent From Washington State – A Pictorial

Lovely Washington. Known for its forests, its mountains, its grunge music and its sparkly vampires. Our largest city, Seattle, is practically a communist state, except that it’s still much more fun than one. Still, Washington is known for its love of liberal politics, though the state is often split near the 50/50 mark. Lest those … Continue reading

What a Piece of Work am I

Obama: What a piece of work am I, how superior in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how lithe and sexy, in B-Ball how like a Laker, in moral superiority how like a god (but not THAT God. That would be favoring Judeo-Christian values over Marxist statism. Screw you and your white … Continue reading

MSM Guide to Blaming Conservatives

We all know the mainstream media struggles to blame all issues on conservatives. In order to help facilitate honest liberal journalism, I’ve compiled this very simple flowchart for easy access, understanding and everyday use. I hope it helps!

Catching Up With Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas Vacations in Poland

Helen Thomas, long time journalist and member of the White House Press Corps, retired last week amid a scandal regarding her comments about Israel. Since her illustrious career came to an abrupt end, I – and many others, I’m sure – wondered what the grande dame of the liberal press was up to. Using my … Continue reading

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