An Open Letter to a Small Minority of Conservatives

Recently, I’ve run into an ugly side of Twitter and social networking. While I’d like to blame it on the divisive politics of the left, I can’t. I’m seeing this side from self-proclaimed conservatives. And that ugly side is the playing of the “bigot” card for solely personal reasons. Disagree with a gay conservative, you’re … Continue reading

The Politically Correct Conundrum

First off, let me start out by saying Helen Thomas’ recent statements about Jews in Israel went far beyond what I consider “politically incorrect.” But  Thomas’ statement does open a dialogue on an important issue. More than one, actually. To read what I consider the most insightful point of view on the Thomas scandal, please … Continue reading

Freedom of the Press Threatened Yet Again

Bill of Rights

In April, a New Jersey appellate court ruled that a blogger posting information about a software pornography company wasn’t covered by the state’s Shield Law, which protects journalists from having to revel their sources, among other things. The court concluded the blogger’s postings were more in the style of a “letter to the editor” than … Continue reading

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