Feisal to America: Build the Mosque or Face the Consequences

First, it was all about bridge building. The Cordoba House community center and totally not a mosque was all about reaching out to the West to build ties between the Muslim community and larger America. “We’re totes against terrorists and stuff,” said Imam Rauf. “We’re even going to build a museum to the 9/11 attacks … Continue reading

My Last Word on the Ground Zero Mosque

The whole Ground Zero Mosque kerfuffle will continue for quite some time. Until it’s built, and long after, I suspect. However, I find there is only so much one can say about it. I will continue to lend my support to those opposed to the mosque on philosophical and moral grounds. If it’s pertinent, I … Continue reading

Ramadan Dinner – Obama Approves of the Ground Zero Mosque

At Iftar, he said he did. Then, he backpedaled a bit. Who knows what Barry thinks. However, here’s what I think: (Yes. I know. I suck at Photoshop.)

Imam Feisal Rauf – Diplomat?

You may remember my mentioning Feisal Abdul Rauf in an earlier post. Rauf is the Imam behind the infamous Ground Zero Mosque Lower Manhattan community center. I, like many people in this country, look on that project unfavorably. Rauf is playing himself up as a moderate, seeking to build bridges between Islam and American society … Continue reading

Bloomberg Responds on Ground Zero Mosque Issue

A while back, I wrote a post about the proposed “Mosque at Ground Zero,” and the man behind it, Faisal Abdul Rauf. When I learned the New York City council had given wide approval to the mosque, I wrote a letter to the council and to the city’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, registering my disgust and … Continue reading

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