Red Eye: Have You Taken the Pledge?

This week, the Republican party released A Pledge to America: a 45 page document renewing its committment to return to Constitutional principles and fiscal conservatism. As one might expect, some people are skeptical. “Red Eye” host, Greg Gutfeld, made The Pledge the top story on the most recent episode of the popular FOX News show, … Continue reading

Who is Clint Didier?

I’ve been doing a very bad job of paying attention to local politics. For instance, I didn’t even know the Washington State Republican convention was this past Saturday, until someone tweeted it. That’s the danger of political activism online; it’s a whole world out there. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to think locally. When I … Continue reading

Help Washington State Go Red in 2010

Liberal politicians around the country are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to figure out how to spend more of our money to stimulate the economy, slow down the ever-increasing debt and, simultaneously, level the playing field under the guise of “social justice,” which is really the new pseudo-American term of … Continue reading

Proud Member of the Party of Know

The other night, some brilliant twithead added me to a list of conservatives she hated, titled “Party of No,” with some idiotic subtitle I can’t even remember, but that clearly marked me as vile, evil and other possible anagrams using the letters V, L, I and E. I immediately blocked her, which removed me from … Continue reading

Popular Liberal Myths About Conservatives (And Republicans, Specifically)

Flag of the United States of America

Myth 1: Republicans are racist The only (to my knowledge) sitting member of the US Senate who was ever associated with the KKK is Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia – a Democrat. Republicans freed the slaves in the Civil War. Democrats fought for secession. While black conservatives have twice (to my knowledge) mistakenly claimed … Continue reading

Christie/Brewer 2012 – OR Brewer/Christie 2012

I love the governors of both New Jersey and Arizona. As you know, Jan Brewer has taken “rogue” stances on immigration and education. The illegal immigration issue has plagued our country for decades, but the federal government has done little to nothing about it – neither Democrat or Republican leadership has availed to protect our … Continue reading

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