How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

I have my blog, where I post my thoughts, opinions, rants … whatever. Then I have my Twitter account, where I chat with some really cool people. I’ve set up my blog to automatically tweet new posts, hoping to bring in traffic and comments. I use Networked Blogs to update my blog’s Facebook “fan” page … Continue reading

May 20th – Everybody Draw Mohammad Day

Until last night, where I swear I saw an interview with her on KOMO 4 News, I had no idea the person behind the “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” movement was a Seattle artist. Shows how much I pay attention. Of course, I’ve scoured the KOMO 4 site for the interview, but it doesn’t appear to … Continue reading

I’m on Facebook!

Taking a cue from my friend Red Mom/Blue State, I’ve started a community page on Facebook for “Chris is RIGHT.” If you’re a Facebook user, please “like” the page and keep up with new posts to this blog, as well as daily updates that may be better suited to Facebook than warranting an entire blog … Continue reading

Flaunt Your Flag Day

In support of students who dared to wear clothing depicting the American flag on the 5th of May, A Facebook event has been created, calling all patriotic Americans to display the flag today! If you’re a Facebook user, “attend” the online event. And, whether you are or not, if you have a flag, display it … Continue reading

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