A Very Important Public Service Announcement

Hey Look! Blog T-Shirts

I’m spending Independence Day with my friends in “Podunk” WA. We’re going to go to the 4th celebration later. My friends told me my clothing wasn’t patriotic enough, then hauled out these T-shirts! The red shirt shows the front design, and the black shows the back. Now, we’re going to be a walking advertisement for … Continue reading

Watching the Watchers – Draw Mohammad Day, Part 2

Will you allow them to take away our puppies? Our puppies!

I’m on Facebook!

Taking a cue from my friend Red Mom/Blue State, I’ve started a community page on Facebook for “Chris is RIGHT.” If you’re a Facebook user, please “like” the page and keep up with new posts to this blog, as well as daily updates that may be better suited to Facebook than warranting an entire blog … Continue reading

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