Sarah Silverman “Worries” About Gay Bullying

Supreme asshat, Sarah Silverman, recently made yet another tedious public service announcement. Like many celebrities, Silverman is outraged at the self-inflicted deaths of gay young people due to bullying and harassment. It’s a noble idea that I fully support. Really, I do. Because, as we all know, Sarah Silverman is all about tolerance and acceptance. … Continue reading

Welcome to Seattle! Want a Crack Pipe?

When I logged on to Twitter today, several friends sent me messages asking if I’d gotten my free crack pipe yet. I thought to myself, well maybe you don’t like my Libertarian-leaning stance on gay marriage, but that’s no reason to get nasty! Of course, they weren’t referencing my stance on any issue, but rather … Continue reading

Dear Sarah Silverman – Kindly Read a Book

Media non-entity Sarah Silverman recently ranted against conservatives, right-wingers, Tea Party activists and Fox News, claiming we were all racists. I was unable to find a video, but I did find a YouTube clip with audio here. Listen to it before it goes away: Let’s take Ms. Silverman’s statement apart, bit by bit, and see … Continue reading

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