On the Menu – 1

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at That Grill

Gunga Dinner

The Lunchbreak of Notre Dame

Art Carne

  1. Natural Born Grillers
  2. The Prime Rib of Miss Jean Brodie
  3. Jurassic Pork
  4. Horton Sears a Who
  5. A Steak from Alcatraz
  6. Ally McVeal
  7. Mutton Jeff
  8. A Liver Runs Through It
  9. Boiling for Columbine
  1. I Love Loose Meat
  2. Anchovy and Cleopatra
  3. Snow White and Unleavened Dwarves
  4. Ishtartar
  5. The Name of the Roast
  6. Fear and Loaving in Las Vegas
  7. Cheesy Rider
  8. The Seven Spam on Rye
  9. A Shroom With A View
  10. La Dolce Pita

The Codfather

Snack of the 50 Foot Woman

  1. Squid and Nancy
  2. Prawn With The Wind
  3. When Herring Met Sally
  4. The World According to Carp
  5. Deep Trout
  6. Harold and Scrod
  7. Clam of the Cave Bear
  1. Lord of the Fries
  2. I’ll Take the 8 Grain
  3. The Postman Always Brings Rice
  4. Dr. Calamari
  5. Bed Knobs and Bread Sticks
  6. The Bun Also Rises†
  7. The Right Stuffing

International Velveeta

The Red Badge of Porridge

  1. Don Chipotle
  2. The Gyro of Living Dangerously
  3. War and Pizza
  4. Who’s Alfredo Virginia Woolf?
  1. Crepe Expectations
  2. Pirogue and Bess
  3. Gruel Intentions
  4. The Manchurian Can of Dates
  5. The Bisquick and the Dead

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Pie

Something Liquid This Way Comes

  1. Ice Cream of Jeannie
  2. An Eclair to Remember
  3. Jell-O Submarine
  4. Finigan’s Cake
  5. Flan 9 From Outer Space
  6. Foot Mousse
  7. The Tart of War
  8. Gulliver’s Truffles
  9. Pee-Wee’s Fig Adventure
  10. Sundae Bloody Sundae
  11. Dial M&M’s for Murder
  1. From Beer to Eternity
  2. Tequila Mockingbird
  3. White Russians Are Coming!
  4. The Last Shiraz
  5. Dairy, Queen of Scots
  6. To Stir, With Love
  7. Midnight Espresso

3 Responses to “On the Menu – 1”
  1. bteacher99 says:

    My favorites are “An Eclair to Remember”, “Dairy, Queen of Scots” and “Pierogi and Bess”. The top title, though, is “International Velveeta.”


  2. hunter28 says:

    My favorites are “An Eclair to Remember”, “Dairy, Queen of Scots” and “Pierogi and Bess”. The top title, though, is “International Velveeta.”

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