Raging Against the Dark

  A couple of days ago, I announced on Twitter my intentions to not blog for a while. The truth is, friends, I’ve hit a wall. The last several months have been nothing but heartache and sturm und drang for me. Losing a good friend to cancer, battling the injustices of a a corrupt landlord … Continue reading

Recommended Reading – “Decision Points”

When George W. Bush’s long awaited memoirs, “Decision Points,” hit bookstores earlier this month, it was like the Internet slowed down … for just a day or so. The book shot to the top of sales charts as both supporters and detractors of the controversial president rushed to get their hands on a copy. Though … Continue reading

Red Eye: Security Breach Around

OK. The TSA screening policy in use has been in place for a while now, as far as I know. Washington State’s SeaTac airport has had the full body scanners in place for at least several months, and I had a brief exchange on Twitter definitely that far back about people opting for the pat … Continue reading

Tech Review: Palm Pixi / WebOS

Before you all get freaked out, no, I’m not changing the format of my blog. But one can’t live and breathe politics or social issues 24 hours a day. Because I really enjoy my newest cellphone, and think the OS deserves some hype, I thought I’d take a break from the punditry to talk about … Continue reading

Red Eye: Imogen Annoys the Piss out of Me

Tonight’s “Red Eye” was, as always, awesome. But the re-appearance of regular guest Imogen Lloyd Webber raised controversy on the #RedEye Twitter discussion thread, when people bifurcated over whether ILW, as she is affectionately known, is a meritorious guest, or a self-important, out of touch elitist windbag. Let’s ponder her recent musings on George W. … Continue reading

Dear Tweeps: Some Things You Should Know

OK. I’m enjoying a quiet Sunday evening at home, reading George W. Bush’s excellent memoirs, “Decision Points,” but more on that later. I’m also keeping one eye on Twitter, because I love my tweeps and, I hope, they love me back. I follow around 550 people, and about 98% of them are computer savvy, social … Continue reading

Red Eye: Love It or Leave It!

You know, normally, I’d be doing a little research when expanding a serious story reported on “Red Eye.” But, honestly, to hell with it. We’re talking about California: the state that makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like extreme Amish purists in comparison to the rest of us. So, as Greg Gutfeld mentioned, a 13 year … Continue reading

Kurt’s Big Hollywood Screen Kiss

If we follow each other on Twitter, you know I’ve been a fan of “Glee” in the past, despite the frequent political sucker punches aimed at conservatives like Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. You also know I finally got so disgusted with their snide political remarks that I vowed not to watch the show anymore … Continue reading

Red Eye: A Couple of Ideas

Tonight’s “Red Eye” was largely preempted by some boring windbag droning on and on about economic recovery this, and stimulus that. Oops. That was our Commander in Chief. Thanks for the Veteran’s Day tribute, by the way. What? He didn’t? Oops. My bad. I’d think it would be expected. Oh, well. At any rate, by … Continue reading

God Bless America

Dear Veterans: Thank You

To my Dad, my step-brother, my online friends – including Lou and Kurt – my real life friend G. To everyone who has ever served our great nation in the fight for freedom: Thank you!!!! We are grateful for what you have all done for us, the country and the world.

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