Red Eye: We’re Covered!

    Happy weekend, happy weekenders! I wrote a lengthy post earlier, not related to our favorite show, so this post will be brief, succinct and to the point: college students suck. At least, the liberal ones. As Greg Gutfeld reported on the most recent episode, Campus Progress Action (part of the Center for American … Continue reading

Fox News to Expose Obama on Sunday?

UPDATE!!!!! THIS IS A HOAX – It IS on Snopes after all, and I missed it. Same email, almost word for word. I put this right at the top, because everyone who has reached my blog today via a search engine has been searching for this information. Spread the word. This is a HOAX!!!! I … Continue reading

Obama’s Healing Tonic

The Problem With Civil Rights Groups

In 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn in NYC, a bar frequented by many fringe groups, including many of the city’s poorest homosexuals. NYC had laws on the books outlawing homosexuality in “public,” including private establishments such as bars. The Stonewall Inn had been raided before, but in the early morning hours of June 28, … Continue reading

Behind the Iron Curtain

In 1984, after I graduated high school, I traveled to Europe and spent a year as an exchange student in West Germany. West Germany, you say? Yes, young readers. At the time, Germany was still a country divided between East and West. The West was a free country, but the East was the province of … Continue reading

Progressivism Is All About Individual Freedom After All

From time to time, I wonder if I haven’t made a mistake. Maybe this whole “Conservative” thing isn’t for me. So I surf Google, looking for news stories and articles that will tell me whether I’m on the right track. Thank God for the Huffington Post, and for Robert Creamer! In an October, 2009 article … Continue reading

Obama Addresses Nation on Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Tonight, fifty-something days into the oil spill disaster, the President of the United States addressed the nation in a speech made from the Oval Office. If you haven’t watched the speech yet, I suggest you do so. Thanks to my friend, Angelia (“Knottie”), for finding it on YouTube just minutes after it was posted. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Is Elena Kagan Gay, A Socialist, Or Both?

Kagan is relatively young and would serve on the court for, potentially, decades. How much damage could she do to the country in that time? And people are worried she might be a lesbian?

“Frail, Racist White People”

Want a race/class war? Bring it. Bring it TODAY. You’re going to lose, you pathetic little racist bastard.

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