Finding My Way: Compassionate Conservatives

Language. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. People spend their lives studying it, deconstructing it, tracing its roots. We use it daily, obviously. Constantly. I’ve heard some people say they think more in images than words. Not I. I’m a very word-orientated person. To me, a word is worth a thousand pictures. At the most basic … Continue reading

For the Sake of our Children –

As an adopted child, I perhaps have extra insight into the importance of having a stable, loving family. Like every other kid in America, I grew up too often taking my parents for granted. But, in the back of my mind, there was always one lingering thought: my parents chose me. I could have grown … Continue reading

Raging Against the Dark

  A couple of days ago, I announced on Twitter my intentions to not blog for a while. The truth is, friends, I’ve hit a wall. The last several months have been nothing but heartache and sturm und drang for me. Losing a good friend to cancer, battling the injustices of a a corrupt landlord … Continue reading

Dear Tweeps: Some Things You Should Know

OK. I’m enjoying a quiet Sunday evening at home, reading George W. Bush’s excellent memoirs, “Decision Points,” but more on that later. I’m also keeping one eye on Twitter, because I love my tweeps and, I hope, they love me back. I follow around 550 people, and about 98% of them are computer savvy, social … Continue reading

Kurt’s Big Hollywood Screen Kiss

If we follow each other on Twitter, you know I’ve been a fan of “Glee” in the past, despite the frequent political sucker punches aimed at conservatives like Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. You also know I finally got so disgusted with their snide political remarks that I vowed not to watch the show anymore … Continue reading

Red Eye: A Couple of Ideas

Tonight’s “Red Eye” was largely preempted by some boring windbag droning on and on about economic recovery this, and stimulus that. Oops. That was our Commander in Chief. Thanks for the Veteran’s Day tribute, by the way. What? He didn’t? Oops. My bad. I’d think it would be expected. Oh, well. At any rate, by … Continue reading

A Brief Hiatus

Hello! I bet you thought I was going to have all sorts of things to say on election day, right? Well, it’s still too early to call any results in Washington State, obviously, but also, I have other fish to fry. You see, I’ve been planning on moving for quite a while. And I’ve been … Continue reading

A Very Important Public Service Announcement

Bioethics and End of Life Questions

I’ve been feeling a little philosophical of late. OK, so I always feel a little philosophical. Recent events have caused me to be even more so. Consequently, bored on a Thursday night and browsing the list of available, streaming Netflix programming, I cam across a National Geographic Explorer episode entitled “Moment of Death.” This short … Continue reading

Can an Atheist Have a Crisis of Faith?

If you’ve read anything I’ve had to say about religion, you probably know I identify as an atheist. While I’ve come out in strong support of religious freedom – up to and including teaching biblical creationism in school (just not in science classrooms) – I’ve always maintained a distance between myself and religious expression. Well, … Continue reading

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