Red Eye: Leg Chair Armageddon

Welcome back, welcome backers! It’s time, once again, for our favorite conservative comedy show, “Red Eye.” I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving feasts, completely with family, friends, football and the beverages of your choice. Me? I stayed home, eating top ramen and ground beef. But don’t feel sad for me! I had a great … Continue reading

Dear Tweeps: Some Things You Should Know

OK. I’m enjoying a quiet Sunday evening at home, reading George W. Bush’s excellent memoirs, “Decision Points,” but more on that later. I’m also keeping one eye on Twitter, because I love my tweeps and, I hope, they love me back. I follow around 550 people, and about 98% of them are computer savvy, social … Continue reading

Red Eye: Anarchy in the UK

According to Greg Gutfeld, the latest wave of European entitlement rioting comes to us from the UK, where angry college students are protesting a steep rise in college tuition costs. Naturally, when the conservative government does something we don’t like, the correct response is to break into party headquarters, start fires and spray paint  the … Continue reading

Colorado Billboard Speaks Truth to … erm … Power?

My friend Traci just sent me this in email. It went up in Grand Junction, CO around the middle of September.

Red Eye: Frivolity … Possibly Not Safe For Work

Do NOT read this post if you are easily offended. Do not click on the links if you are younger than 18. The links and video contain explicit material (that is: sexual situations and nudity) It’s not that today’s episode of “Red Eye” wasn’t entertaining. It was. The cast was pithy and the guests were … Continue reading

Red Eye: Is James O’Keefe the Crispin Glover of New Media Conservatism?

You know him. You love him. Or, perhaps, you don’t. He’s the lovable pimp who wasn’t dressed as a pimp at all in the highly touted, Maddow-ridiculed ACORN videos made popular by Andrew Breitbart. But is James O’Keefe a new media conservative hero, or a fringe wackjob? Perhaps, the answer lies in his most current … Continue reading

Red Eye: Nature or Nutrition?

Two days ago, I brought you what I thought was the most important story I’d ever covered: the denial of multiple ice cream servings to Gitmo detainees. Boy, was I wrong. Because just now, on the most recent episode of “Red Eye,” Greg Gutfeld shattered my world. It appears a bakery in Indianapolis (a city) … Continue reading

Red Eye: Achmed bin (&) Jehris?

Recent events in my life have caused me to take a break from the serious news. I’ve been trying to get back into the groove, but my need for silliness and laughter has trumped any pretense I once had toward blogging integrity, researching and tackling serious issues. I planned a return to more serious posting … Continue reading

A RINO By Any Other Name

We’ve all seen it, or heard it: RINO – Republican in Name Only. A deadly epithet used by online conservatives to mark call out their “less conservative” brethren. From Wikipedia: The term implies that, despite party affiliation, RINO politicians are not “authentic” Republicans. The label is usually acquired because a politician’s political actions, policies, positions … Continue reading

Welcome to Seattle! Want a Crack Pipe?

When I logged on to Twitter today, several friends sent me messages asking if I’d gotten my free crack pipe yet. I thought to myself, well maybe you don’t like my Libertarian-leaning stance on gay marriage, but that’s no reason to get nasty! Of course, they weren’t referencing my stance on any issue, but rather … Continue reading

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