A Public Service Announcement for Seattle: STAY HOME!

Dear Seattle and other parts of Western Washington affected by yesterday’s snowstorm: It is currently 5:30 AM on the morning of Tuesday, November 23rd. I have just been outside. It is cold enough out there to test your frosticles! Additionally, while the snow has stopped, it is nowhere near safe. I’m on top of Capitol … Continue reading

Some Washington State Ballot Initiatives

Yay! I can practically smell November 2nd from here. Why? Because today, I received my official Washington State ballot in the mail. (Yes, we vote by mail. Because GREEN! And also, s pending.) If you don’t live in Washington, this post may not be of interest to you. I’m not going to talk about candidates. … Continue reading

Dissent From Washington State – A Pictorial

Lovely Washington. Known for its forests, its mountains, its grunge music and its sparkly vampires. Our largest city, Seattle, is practically a communist state, except that it’s still much more fun than one. Still, Washington is known for its love of liberal politics, though the state is often split near the 50/50 mark. Lest those … Continue reading

The Liberal Respect for Life

UPDATE – Monday, 2:00 PM: I’m so sorry this post is so very rambling and repetitive. I’m upset, sad, frustrated and very emotionally drained. I know it’s not very well written, but it makes up for lack of literary achievement in total sincerity. Also, thanks to ‘Joan in Podunk’ for providing some valuable statistics in … Continue reading

Welcome to Seattle! Want a Crack Pipe?

When I logged on to Twitter today, several friends sent me messages asking if I’d gotten my free crack pipe yet. I thought to myself, well maybe you don’t like my Libertarian-leaning stance on gay marriage, but that’s no reason to get nasty! Of course, they weren’t referencing my stance on any issue, but rather … Continue reading

Who is Clint Didier?

I’ve been doing a very bad job of paying attention to local politics. For instance, I didn’t even know the Washington State Republican convention was this past Saturday, until someone tweeted it. That’s the danger of political activism online; it’s a whole world out there. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to think locally. When I … Continue reading

How Illegal Immigration Affects Washington State and the Rest of the Country

As many of you know, I live in Seattle, one of the cities that has voted to boycott Arizona (when convenient to its own interests) based upon Arizona’s highly “racist” immigration law, popularly titled SB 1070, though there is actually a later version of the bill that corrects many of the objections raised as to … Continue reading

Help Washington State Go Red in 2010

Liberal politicians around the country are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to figure out how to spend more of our money to stimulate the economy, slow down the ever-increasing debt and, simultaneously, level the playing field under the guise of “social justice,” which is really the new pseudo-American term of … Continue reading

Starbucks Open Carry Policy – A Local’s Perspective

Bill of Rights

In January, 2010, gun advocates in California decided to test their state’s open carry laws by walking into businesses with guns strapped to their legs, or wherever they strapped them. This was an activist gesture. Businesses in open carry states have the right to set firearm policies in their businesses, but gun rights advocates wanted … Continue reading

May 20th – Everybody Draw Mohammad Day

Until last night, where I swear I saw an interview with her on KOMO 4 News, I had no idea the person behind the “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” movement was a Seattle artist. Shows how much I pay attention. Of course, I’ve scoured the KOMO 4 site for the interview, but it doesn’t appear to … Continue reading

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