Red Eye: Wha?!? Identity Politics is a Fail?

Apparently, according to Greg Gutfeld, Barack Obama – a president – recently talked to a whole bunch of lefty bloggers. Also, he went on The Daily Show. As Gutfeld reported in the Greg-Alogue Yep, rather than reach out to those who are frustrated, disaffected, or even undecided about what to do this Tuesday – he … Continue reading

Colorado Billboard Speaks Truth to … erm … Power?

My friend Traci just sent me this in email. It went up in Grand Junction, CO around the middle of September.

Red Eye: Ultimate Proof Alan Grayson Sucks

No words are sweeter to the English language or roll off the tongue as easily as “Congressman Alan Grayson.” Smooth, sophisticated, honest: These are all hallmarks of the Grayson we’ve come to know and love. When fomenting for Obamacare, the erstwhile politician argued against the Party of No by stating the following (which is still … Continue reading

Red Eye: Jimmy Carter – The Best Ex-President Ever

The most recent episode of “Red Eye” rocked, as do they all. Among the stories discussed were a Fox News poll stating 80% of Americans feel the US is viewed by the world as weaker now than several years ago, Iranian “president” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech to the UN (he’s totally not a tyrant), and coverage … Continue reading

Dissent From Washington State – A Pictorial

Lovely Washington. Known for its forests, its mountains, its grunge music and its sparkly vampires. Our largest city, Seattle, is practically a communist state, except that it’s still much more fun than one. Still, Washington is known for its love of liberal politics, though the state is often split near the 50/50 mark. Lest those … Continue reading

Obama to FINALLY Get a Break

God love him, Barack Obama, the hardest working president in American history since January 2009, is finally getting away from the never-ending drear of his hectic schedule. In the past month alone, he has vacationed in The Gulf, spent his birthday in Chicago (while lovely wife Michele crusaded hard against Spanish fatties) and partied with … Continue reading

Harry Reid – No Cracker, Jack!

You may remember Harry Reid (D, natch), the senior US Senator from lovely Nevada, from the intense debate on health care. He likened opposition to health care reform with slavery. Or, you may remember him by his references to now President Barack Obama as being “light skinned” enough with “no Negro dialect” to be elected … Continue reading

Obama’s Foreign Policy

President Barack Obama

It’s been bugging me for months, but I finally figured out what Obama’s foreign policy reminded me of. Take a look at the following videos and see if you can spot it.

Meredith Dake Discusses the Accountability Project

Meredith Dake, of, discusses the Accountability Project in this great video. Check it out and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more in the future! Also, you can find Meredith on Twitter.

Obama’s Healing Tonic

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