Red Eye: Anarchy in the UK

According to Greg Gutfeld, the latest wave of European entitlement rioting comes to us from the UK, where angry college students are protesting a steep rise in college tuition costs. Naturally, when the conservative government does something we don’t like, the correct response is to break into party headquarters, start fires and spray paint  the … Continue reading

Dear Clint McCance: STFU – a REAL Message of Hope

If you haven’t heard the story, a Midland, AR school board member recently said on his Facebook page (allegedly. The account has either been removed or made completely private) that “fags” should die. Responding to “Spirit Day” (a movement I was also against, though for very different reasons), Clint McCance posted a giant screed including … Continue reading

Red Eye: We’re Covered!

    Happy weekend, happy weekenders! I wrote a lengthy post earlier, not related to our favorite show, so this post will be brief, succinct and to the point: college students suck. At least, the liberal ones. As Greg Gutfeld reported on the most recent episode, Campus Progress Action (part of the Center for American … Continue reading

Red Eye: A Great Liberal Pillar – American Higher Education

A number of years ago, I decided to go back to school and pursue an education in the physical sciences. Because I favor a small classroom (and enjoy an even smaller budget), I took my prerequisites at a popular community college. Our history department was filled with burnt out 60’s radicals, as was our English … Continue reading

Gay Curriculum Aimed at Middle School Students – A Reaction

I’m writing a brief response to this article, which someone brought to my attention through their tweets today. I’d comment there, but the user has set the post so only friends can comment, and I don’t know him. Please read the article before reading my response. I’m not going to reiterate anything the article says … Continue reading

Why Conservatives Are Often Wrong About Science

Everyone, regardless of political leaning, has one issue on which they disagree with the body politic of their respective affiliation. Mine happens to be science. In particular, the misrepresentation and misunderstanding of science so often perpetuated in the conservative news. In US society, the most notable attacks on science have come by way of two … Continue reading

Has Jan Brewer Lost Her Mind?

But what about this new ethnic studies law? Doesn’t that prove Governor Brewer is just some crazy white woman going after those pesky Mexicans?

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