I’ve Moved

Dear Readers,

While WordPress.com is an awesome platform and tool, I need more control over my site. Therefore, I’ve obtained my own domain and am now using a self-hosted version of WordPress.

Don’t worry! If you have links to posts on this site, they will automatically redirect to the posts located on the new site. This redirect will work for 1 year. Plenty of time to get used to the new address.

In the meantime, I will be tweaking the new site to add all the functionality that didn’t carry over when I imported my blog to the new location (links, widgets, etc.)

If you read my blog via a reader, or have an email subscription, you will need to update to the new location. Either change the URL in your reader, or re-subscribe to the new site. (Click on “Register” under the “Meta” heading on the right side of the blog.)

See you there!

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