Red Eye: Your Host and Moderator, Greg Gutfeld

Happy Thanksgiving, America! I hope you are taking the day to celebrate its true spirit: that of celebrating the bounty we’ve been provided with those closest to our hearts.

Me? I had ramen with hamburger for lunch and am just about to sit down to watch the wonderfully cynical Thanksgiving movie, Home for the Holidays. After that, it will be the old WKRP Turkey Drop episode, followed by as much of the Alien quadrilogy as I can stand before drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

I can’t let today go by without posting another in my “Red Eye – Thanksgiving 2010” series, though. Especially since today’s post is about the man who headlines the show: Mr. Greg Gutfeld.

If you’ve read my blog, you might know that a rekindling of an old friendship led me to FOX News, which lead me to Andrew Breitbart, which in turn lead me to embrace conservatism wholeheartedly. You may not know it was “Red Eye” that did it all for me.

You see, I probably would have jumped on board  the conservative bandwagon ages ago, but I didn’t really know any conservatives, other than my parents. I was convinced they were the exception to the rule. That conservatives were a mirthless bunch of coal-hearted fascists (ha! irony), hell bent on bringing back the guillotine for shoplifters, fornicators and those who dared to smile.

I know, I know. I accept my former ignorance. But, I’m learning. At least give me credit for that, yes?

While I often credit Andrew Breitbart for introducing me to the wonderful conservatives I have met and grown to love (and it’s true), I wouldn’t know who Breitbart was if I hadn’t seen him on FOX News. And I wouldn’t have started watching FOX News, if I hadn’t been introduced to its many splendors by my anonymous friend, who started me with with a late night episode of “Red Eye.”

Gutfeld’s strange combination of serious and silly immediately got my attention and made me a fan. His ability to cover serious issues, and lead discussions on the day’s hot topics, while still maintaining a smile was a much needed boon in the cacophony of current event coverage. And, unlike other comedians who try to do the same thing, though in drastically different ways (*cough*Stewart*cough*), I never felt Gutfeld was talking down to his audience, or acting like an elitist with superior intellectual powers or inside knowledge.

Plus, his strange penchant for houseboys and muscular men dressed up like animals made me laugh.

Sure, Gutfeld makes fun of people, but he spends so much time making fun of himself, one never feels talked down to. And, while many of his guests are comedic geniuses in their own right, he has also brought out the funny in people sometimes taken too seriously.

Ann Coulter immediately comes to mind. I used to hate her! Now, after getting a better sense of who she is, I not only have a renewed respect for her very well informed opinions and thought processes, but I think she is one of the funniest people at work in America today.

As a die-hard “Red Eye” fan, I always enjoy when the format is shaken up a bit. When Jim Norton hosted, I practically fell out of my chair with laughter. And Mike Baker always does an excellent job. But, to me, Greg Gutfeld is The Host and always will be. When he comes back after a time away, I always feel like things are right with the world again.

Gutfeld works his magic not only on “Red Eye,” but has lightened up the conversation on The O’Reilly Factor many times, as well as making Glenn Beck giggle when interviewed about his Ground Zero Gay Bar proposal.

Plus, who can resist it when Greg’s Mom is on the show?

I’ve yet to read the “Bible of Unspeakable Truths,” but I have no doubt I will find it every bit as enjoyable as I do the nightly Greg-Alogues.

Thanks, Greg Gutfeld! You make the world a funnier place, and we all need that.


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