Red Eye: That “Loathsome” Sidekick, Bill Schulz

If you know anything about my history of coming to grips with my inner conservative, you know it all started with a visit I paid to old friends, where I was introduced to “Red Eye.” The show introduced me Andrew Breitbart. A letter to Breitbart introduced me to … well, no need to repeat the whole story.

From the beginning, I loved the entire cast. The guests are awesome, even those I love to hate. While I’m not willing to rank cast or guests in order of my fondness for them, Bill Schulz instantly found a special place in my heart.

As the show’s “token” liberal, Schulz often voices political ideas with which I strong disagree. But he has no problem departing from Leftist talking points, or criticizing liberal politicians and public figures when he disagrees with them.

Also, as the show’s token schmo, I can really relate to Schulz. See, I was the schmo growing up. The default go-to guy when someone needed to be the butt of the joke. This made for hard times growing up, but it also made me a stronger person, and is largely responsible for my sense of humor.

Unfortunately (for me), I am nowhere near as gifted with the comedy gene as Schulz.

Not only does Schulz play the self-deprecating sequential hermaphrodite with three (no, four!) illegitimate daughters on “Red Eye,” where he is subjected to all sorts of ridicule from the cast, guests and viewers either calling or writing in, but he deals with it on social media sites, such as Twitter, as well.

Schulz takes all the faux and real criticism in stride. Recently, when one viewer mail condemning Schulz was read on the show’s popular segment, “Mail Time,” I took exception with it, and mentioned it on the #RedEye timeline. Schulz quickly responded. His only concern: was it funny?

While I’m sure Schulz has a serious side, he seems to keep that private. Just about everything I’ve ever seen or heard him say is done for the laugh; to cheer up people. His humor is, more often than not, directed toward making fun of himself. When he does make fun of others, he does so playfully.

The only time I’ve seen Schulz break “character” was when someone used the Twitter “Red Eye” timeline to attack the fans. (Well, in truth, there was one other time, but it’s hardly worth mentioning.)

This Holiday season, I’m trying to focus more on the positive. I’ve gotten too snarky and nasty. While cynicism is ingrained in me, I need to learn to let it out more usefully. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good snark from time to time, but it sure doesn’t need to be my only form of expression.

Bill Schulz might just be my role model in this respect. While I disagree with him politically, I love his attitude and the way he can get a point across while still delivering a punchline guaranteed to get a smile.

I hope “Red Eye” is around for years to come, and I hope Bill Schulz is a part of the show for its duration. Thanks, Bill!

(Tomorrow: Our host, the fantastic Greg Gutfeld!)

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