Red Eye: TV’s Andy Levy

You know, after last night’s episode of “Red Eye,” I pondered long and hard how I could cover one of their stories and still fit it into my “Messages of Hope” campaign of concentrating on the positive. I concluded that I couldn’t,

Don’t get me wrong. “Red Eye” was as humorous and fun as always. It’s just that they opened with the Park 51 story, where the backers of the Ground Zero Mosque are now applying for a $5 Million grant in funds initially set aside for … 9/11.

The only positive thing I have to say about that story is that I called it months ago.

Rather than concentrating on a story, I thought I’d take this Thanksgiving week to talk about why I am thankful for “Red Eye.” Today’s topic: TV’s Andy Levy, everyone’s favorite ombudsman.

Not only is Levy intensely humorous, but he is obviously very well informed. While I have no doubt parts of the show are scripted, and Levy obviously has time to do his Halftime Report research, it is apparent to anyone who follows him on Twitter that he is a quick wit, truly a fair minded person and a pop culture encyclopedia.

He is probably the most active “Red Eye” cast member active on Twitter. One can often find him perusing the “Red Eye” (#RedEye) timeline while the show is running, responding to some comments and ignoring others.

Anyone who has paid attention to Andy Levy’s Twitter feed knows he is truly the ombudsman he portrays on TV. He interacts with his fans and friends. When he thinks someone makes a good point, and he notices is it amongst the thousands of tweets he no doubt sees on an hourly basis, he says so. When someone makes a point with which he disagrees, he says so. Recently, when he thought I’d made a stupid overgeneralization about one particular subject, he told me my point was stupid.

And, on the rare occasion the “Red Eye” feed is interrupted or disrupted by a “troll,” he defends good behavior, the show and the fans trying to enjoy it.

I definitely don’t claim to know Levy. He interacts with tons of people, me least of all. Not because he’s stand-offish, but because who doesn’t focus on one’s friends and closer acquaintances on social networking sites?

What I’m saying is this: from what little I know about Levy, he can be summed up in one word, and that word is: mensch.

Above and beyond all of this, Levy also served his country. He was in the Army and stationed in the DMZ in Korea.

On a personal note, my favorite interaction with Levy came a couple of months ago. During the Halftime Report, he made reference to one “Dr. Hfuhruhurr,” which I immediately recognized as a reference to the main character from the Steve Martin film, “The Man With Two Brains.”

It’s a very silly film and, consequently, one of my favorite movies of all time. I squeed with delight, much like the proverbial school girl, and tweets something along the lines of, “Man With Two Brains FTW! #PointyBirds” to the “Red Eye” timeline. Levy responded almost instantaneously with “Anointy nointy,” which is a line from the fictitious “Pointy Birds” poem recited in the film that I was referencing.

This alone will endear me to TV’s Andy Levy forever. But, of course, there are many reasons to like him.

(Tonight/Tomorrow Morning’s post: the many wonders of Bill Schulz.) Stay tuned, stay tuners.

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