Red Eye: A Couple of Ideas

Tonight’s “Red Eye” was largely preempted by some boring windbag droning on and on about economic recovery this, and stimulus that.

Oops. That was our Commander in Chief. Thanks for the Veteran’s Day tribute, by the way.

What? He didn’t? Oops. My bad. I’d think it would be expected. Oh, well.

At any rate, by the time we rejoined “Red Eye,” they were down to the Kanye West/Matt Lauer interview. Don’t get me wrong. The episode was fantastic! Especially Joe DeRosa, who was on fire (and who hates Kanye West, as do I.) But really, there wasn’t a segment that jumped out and said, “write about me!”

Consequently, I’m revisiting some promises I made on Twitter a while back regarding “Red Eye,” rather than write about the episode.

To wit:

1) I want to start a weekly “Red Eye” interview segment. One of the great things about the show is that many of the guests, and the cast, interact with the fans on social networking sites like Twitter.

And it’s not at all a lofty “celebrity” condescending to interact with a “lowly” fan. I’ve interacted briefly with both Andy and Bill. They are total mensches.

I’ve also interacted with several of the regular guests. And this isn’t me bragging. It has nothing to do with me being cool or “in.” It’s just that the people who frequent “Red Eye” are awesome, and treat their fans just like friends. Stephen Kruiser and Kinsey Schofield, I’m looking at you!

Also, Rad Thad!

So, I thought it would be interesting to start doing interviews. I’ve never interviewed a person in my entire life. This would be entirely new territory to me. Because Twitter and Facebook have kind of leveled the playing fields, I don’t want to just do casts interviews, or guest interviews, or fan interviews. I’d like to treat individuals as individuals.

Regardless of your “Red Eye” street cred, you’d be doing me a huge favor. My blog is still relatively young. So anything that could help drive traffic my way would be much appreciated. Consequently, regardless of how I feel about your politics or social views, I promise to only ask courteous questions. This isn’t intended to be hard hitting journalism. It’s intended to be a glimpse into the “Red Eye” community.

As such, if you request, I’d give you complete final say on what I can publish.

If you are at all interested in being interviewed by me, please use the contact form (keep in mind, that requires you give an email address), or DM me if we follow each other on Twitter.

Also, if you know of someone who doesn’t read my blog (which is practically everyone at this point) who is at all involved in the “Red Eye” community and might be interested, please forward them a link to this post, or run the idea by them.

I’d be forever grateful!

2) Seattle is a liberal Mecca, isn’t it? With all the rampant progressivism and socialism apparent in the metropolitan areas of Washington State, I’m amazed at how many “Red Eye” viewers I’ve found on Twitter!

I’d love for “Red Eye” fans to come together, like we do every night online, but in real life. As such, I propose we meet in person! I know, a radical notion. If it helps, you’re free to bring your favorite mobile device and tweet or SMS the rest of us, rather than actually talk in person.

What I’m suggesting is this: a first date. We meet for drinks, once. If all goes well, maybe we can make it a regular thing. Monthly, perhaps?

Because so many Washingtonian fans are outside King County, and because the Holidays are coming up, I suggest we plan our first meeting well in advance. It doesn’t have to be in Seattle proper, though I confess that would be easiest for me. It could be on the East side, for instance.

I’d like to find a place that would welcome a group of unruly conservatives. This may take some doing! Fortunately, strict smoking laws mean we don’t have to bicker about nicotine friendly or not. But what about a place that serves alcohol or doesn’t? What about Wifi? Because it would be really nifty if other groups of people met at the same time across our great nation, and we could network our real life meetings together.

At any rate, because I am an evil, right wing, self-serving capitalist, I’m doing this to further my own “Red Eye,” and consequently blog, cred. But I also want to help promote a show that helped lead me into the light of conservatism.

If you are interested in participating in either of my suggested activities, please leave a comment, or use the contact form to reach me privately.

“Red Eye” now! “Red Eye” forever!

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