Red Eye: Anarchy in the UK

According to Greg Gutfeld, the latest wave of European entitlement rioting comes to us from the UK, where angry college students are protesting a steep rise in college tuition costs.

Naturally, when the conservative government does something we don’t like, the correct response is to break into party headquarters, start fires and spray paint  the anarchy symbol on the walls.

Or, just perhaps, a better use of one’s time would have been to take a political science or economics course and find out why these rises in tuition were necessary.

From what I gathered watching “Red Eye,” the new tuition amount for a year of college is around $15,000 US. To put things in perspective, that’s around $10,000 less than the public university here in Seattle, and around $20,000 less than I paid (am paying, still) for a year of education at the Jesuit run university I attended.

Frequent guest, Brooke Goldstein, pointed out the obvious irony

They’re using the anarchist symbol to protest that the government wants to cut spending?

Because, of course, actual anarchy is the lack of political structure where all decisions are made based on majority opinion. In a truly anarchist system, there would be no government to subsidize any education at all.

I’m willing to bet these particular rioting “students” only understand anarchy in the late-70’s punk rock sense: stealing beers and slam dancing, without even a thought as to what groups like Black Flag or the Dead Kennedys even stood for.

I’d like to suggest a remedial class for all these would be UK students who thought trashing the HQ of a political party would be the way to make a point. It’s called “Rioting 101: How never to be taken seriously again.” Because nothing says I’d like to learn more about my political system and become an active and useful participant than setting buildings on fire.

I wonder what will happen the first time they learn they are actually expected to turn in term papers on time.

I believe the Brits have a quaint term for people like this, and it’s “tossers.”

Red Eye” air date – November 11, 2010. Guests: Brooke Goldstein, Ryan Reiss and Fr. Jonathan Morris. Cast: Host – Greg Gutfeld, Sequential Hermaphroditic Sidekick – Bill Schulz and Ombudsman – TV’s Andy Levy

The views in this post are entirely my own (except where I’m quoting.) Neither “Red Eye” nor Fox News endorse or support my “Red Eye” posts. I am not affiliated with the show in any way, other than being an avid fan.

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