A Brief Hiatus


I bet you thought I was going to have all sorts of things to say on election day, right? Well, it’s still too early to call any results in Washington State, obviously, but also, I have other fish to fry.

You see, I’ve been planning on moving for quite a while. And I’ve been working with a leasing agency on a new apartment. I finally was approved for the unit last Thursday, and I’m going to be moving on … Sunday!

Suddenly, I’ve gone from cooling my heels waiting for something to happen, to everything happening at once. Consequently, I really don’t have time to devote to anything else until the move is finished. Therefore, I’m declaring a one week (or so) hiatus from everything not directly related to the move. This means blogging too, unfortunately.

The good news is: my DSL will be hooked up at the new place by Monday evening, so I’ll be back with regular posts then. Until Monday, have a wonderful week!

Oh, yeah. And VOTE CONSERVATIVE!!!!!


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