Red Eye: Wha?!? Identity Politics is a Fail?

Apparently, according to Greg Gutfeld, Barack Obama – a president – recently talked to a whole bunch of lefty bloggers. Also, he went on The Daily Show.

As Gutfeld reported in the Greg-Alogue

Yep, rather than reach out to those who are frustrated, disaffected, or even undecided about what to do this Tuesday – he called the folks he knew would comfort him: the awestruck progressives.

Yeah, it feels good. But it doesn’t help much.

Are we really surprised? Obama – indeed, his entire administration and the Democratic party – have become heavily invested in talking about the “party of no” and the party that depends on “fear.”

There’s even a recent report by the Department of Homeland Security basically labeling conservatives in general as dangerous extremists.

Recently, Obama said Republicans can go along for the ride, but we have to “sit in back.”

This from the post-racial, bipartisan president.

Here’s a paragraph Michelle Malkin pulled from the DHS report (emphasis mine)

Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

So, basically, if you believe in the Bill of Rights, you’re a dangerous extremist these days.

The President even went on Univision to urge Latino voters not to vote for “the enemy.”

Of course Obama isn’t going to address Tea Party activists, or even the GOP establishment. I subscribe to Organizing For America emails. They constantly paint conservatives as the enemy of the state, either by inference or directly.

Obama is having enough problems keeping his own party inline.

Gutfeld continued

Obama knows, like Clinton did, that after a beating, you have to take your lumps and grow up. For Obama to be successful, he must realize that in a right-of-center country, the lefty cannot rule for long – no matter what your booty-call whispers in your ear.

In other words, identity politics is failing. The Left constantly talks about “gay rights,” or “women’s lib,” or “immigration rights.” And yet, Democratic party advertisements talk about Republicans and special interest groups.

I think Gutfeld’s wrong about one thing, though. Obama is a total ideologue. He’s not going to drift right, like Bill Clinton did. He’s going to pander further to those engaged in identity politics. Already, the president has stated he is “rethinking” his stance on gay marriage. (Up until now, he’s been against it.)

This will be his undoing. As reported on “Red Eye,” recent polls show many members of his base groups now preferring the GOP over Democrats. Women, gays, racial minorities: many of these voters realize Obama isn’t taking care of their issues. Many voters are realizing those issues, while important, aren’t the most pressing problems facing the nation.

As SE Cupp said

“We are all united as a country around one central issue: jobs. So all these special interests ( gays, women, stoners) aren’t working.” (And I paraphrase)

To which John DeVore replied

That’s a point I hadn’t considered, and I’m a screaming pinko.

See? Even many proud liberals are coming around.

Take gay rights for instance. Obama promised to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” But when a court recently tried to block the policy, Obama’s Justice Department, under Eric Holder, sued to stop the injunction. The policy is still in place. Gay liberals should expect the same future for marriage equality.

Did Obama close Gitmo? Nope.

The things he has accomplished – health care reform, the stimulus package, etc. – are proving wildly unsuccessful.

Obama can’t be bothered to reach across the aisle, something else he promised that he has completely failed to do. He’s busy trying to rally what is left of his base, so he doesn’t lose control of congress during the midterm elections on Tuesday.

His message has devolved to disingenuous soundbites: Republicans are dangerous extremists. They have to sit in the back. They’re Slurpee drinkers, for God’s sake!

Of course he’s addressing progressive audiences. Only progressives would buy that insubstantial crap. We’re conservatives. We’d like to talk about the issues, please. How horribly radical!

Red Eye” air date – October 29, 2010. Guests: SE Cupp, John DeVore and Joe DeVito. Cast: Host – Greg Gutfeld, Sequential Hermaphroditic Sidekick – Bill Schulz and Ombudsman – TV’s Andy Levy

The views in this post are entirely my own (except where I’m quoting.) Neither “Red Eye” nor Fox News endorse or support my “Red Eye” posts. I am not affiliated with the show in any way, other than being an avid fan.

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3 Responses to “Red Eye: Wha?!? Identity Politics is a Fail?”
  1. Nrb says:

    Sort of off topic, but…

    The crowd at yesterdays “rally to restore communism” was overwhelmingly white.

    I look forward to the media commenting on the lack of diversity…as well as the naacp condemning comedy central as racist.

    We should also ask Jon Stewart why only .05% of the crowd was black, even though the local area the rally was held has a 54% black population.

    Clearly, comedy central used the police to keep minorities from attending…..and the minorities who did manage to sneak in must have been scared for their lives, what with being surrounded by a group of whites, and all.

    Finally, this rally was probably funded by sformfront, and other shadowy white power groups.

    Shame on racist Jon Stewart and racist comedy central.

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