Red Eye: MoveOn… From Reality

"God," aka George Soros - (c) World Economic Forum, source Wikimedia Commons. Because, yeah. No big business interests at the World Economic Forum

If you watched that latest episode of “Red Eye,” then you are up to date on everything important in the entire world. From the “Restoring Sanity” rally (featuring famous nut job, Arianna Huffington) to the stomping incident that took place recently at a Rand Paul debate, you are in the loop. Congratulations on being one of those happy few who is free in the middle of the night to watch the best show  … ever.

Sometime, though, they cover the worst. Are we talking “Glee” worst? No. Though Glee’s Rocky Horror Picture Show episode was one of the worst hours on television ever. I want that hour back! Are we talking Jon Stewart or Janeane Garofalo worst? No. Worse than that.

We’re talking worst. They have a new video, encouraging young people to get out and vote. Young … Democrats, that is.

I wrestled with the decision to share it with you. After all, if you think MoveOn is spiffy, I doubt you like my blog, and vice-versa. In the end, though, knowledge is power. Even if it’s knowledge of something very, very stupid.

So, if you want to see MoveOn’s latest contribution to combating right-wing fear mongering, please click here. (HINT: Do NOT connect with Facebook. Do not type in your name. Just click through to watch.)

Did you watch it? Yeah, yeah. Vote for Republicans and evil big corporations will take over, Sarah Palin will become the president, and we will bomb the hell out of the entire world.

Wait. I kind of like that. After all, what did Norway ever do for us? And war against the Pacific Ocean? I hate that wet mess. Let’s get it before it gets us, I say. Rising sea levels? Oh, I don’t think so, you moist bint. BAM! Yeah, how do you like me now?

OK, so it’s supposed to be kind of funny. Stop the evil RepubliCorp takeover, because big businesses are bad. But George Soros, a business tycoon who donates millions to to tell you how bad big business is, is good. Get it?

Does anyone else think Soros would like to ruin free enterprise for everyone else but him? After all, it’s not like Soros made a billion dollars during the 1992 UK Currency Crisis.

And, to stop the Republican “takeover,” all you have to do is vote. But not for Republicans. Definitely not for Republicans. In case you are a college student, not voting Republican probably means voting Democrat in most general elections. (If you don’t know what a general election is, please stay home on November 2, k?)

Yes, the cure for the evil of big business is big government! Because what could go wrong with having a beneficent government in charge of everything? (Hint: Ask a former Soviet Bloc citizen.)

People love to talk about coded political messages. Great. Let’s take a look at the code here.

1) Big Business is bad – So screw Microsoft (run by likely liberal Bill Gates), Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett), Soros himself. And how is distributing this political advertisement? By getting users to share it on Facebook (a huge business), or send it to their friends via email (using likely a Microsoft or Apple operating system – both big businesses). And, hey, was it Republicans who decided the government should control GM, a gigantic business?

2) Combining government interests and corporate interests is evil – Great! So you’re all on board with decentralization at MoveOn, then? Awesome. Welcome to the Tea Party. We don’t want special interests controlling us, either. The difference is, we want to accomplish that goal by severing governmental ties to businesses, not formalizing them through government control.

3) Being controlled by evil business or good government: these are your only options – Of course, the advertisement focuses on the “fact” that a vote for the GOP means you will become the property of corporate interests. I see it differently. But let’s say that’s correct. So far, Democrats have taken over the student loan industry, created hundreds of government organizations to regulate health care, and made purchase of health care mandatory, instituting an IRS regulated “fine.” The last job I had (for a non-profit, I’ll add) had much better incentives and benefits. I know who I’d rather be controlled by, and it’s not anyone formerly known as Barry Sotero.

If you’re getting steamed at my opinion, I bet you’re one of those hip liberals who shops at trendy Urban Outfitters, aren’t you? Surprise! The founder of UO is a Rick Santorum supporter.

The point is, there are all kinds of businesses. Many of these “evil” big businesses – like Google, Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway – are heavily left-leaning and not likely to lockstep to a Republic “takeover.” And some of these hip, trendy, liberal businesses you big business hating liberals love, are actually way more conservative than the giant monopolies you claim to hate. (Hot Topic, for example, is reported to be heavily anti-Pagan, as exhibited by a particular employee incident.)

4) Things aren’t what they seem – Olivia Wilde tries to lend credibility to this whimsically frightening view of the future, but she’s as bad a spokesperson as she is an actress. Democrats have become run through with progressivism, and progressivism is all about government control. Hip chick Wilde delivers a supposedly counter-culture, rebellious message, but the message is funded by a stock trading billionaire in support of the party who has controlled the executive branch since 2009, and the legislative branch since 2006.

5) If you don’t vote (Democrat), the scary black man will kick your ass – this is my favorite part of the entire ad. While the Tea Party, and all conservatives, are consistently labeled racists in diametric opposition to recorded US history, it’s the progressives trotting out the threat of violence – even “funny” violence – at the hands of an angry black man.

Bottom line: MoveOn is heavily Soros funded. Soros thinks he is God. He’s said so, as I recently wrote. Do you really need someone with a divinity complex telling you who should be in control? For what end? So more banks and monetary systems can fail, putting additional billions into the hands of … George Soros?

By all means, vote. If you want to have a government tramp stamp tattooed somewhere on your skinny (by force) ass in the next ten years, by all means, vote Democrat. After all, a giant, all encompassing government. What could go wrong?

Red Eye” air date – October 27, 2010. Guests: Diane Macedo, Nick Gillespie and Mike Baker. Cast: Host – Greg Gutfeld, Sequential Hermaphroditic Sidekick – Bill Schulz and Ombudsman – TV’s Andy Levy

The views in this post are entirely my own (except where I’m quoting.) Neither “Red Eye” nor Fox News endorse or support my “Red Eye” posts. I am not affiliated with the show in any way, other than being an avid fan.

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2 Responses to “Red Eye: MoveOn… From Reality”
  1. kla says:

    Super great post Chris! I had to LOL at your remark about Ms Wildes acting abilites, or lack thereof really.

  2. leahblizz says:

    Another great post!

    My first thought when I saw the thing was ‘why is this starving, bobble-headed alien telling me how to vote?’

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