Red Eye: So How Much Does Rachel Maddow Suck?

Rachel Maddow - Wikimedia Commons

As much as I want to write about the Juan Williams fiasco, I found another segment of “Red Eye” to be even more indicative of the nasty liberal bias in our society, and especially on the media.

What type of person accuses someone of essentially being complicit in the murder of over 100 fellow Americans … falsely?

Rachel Maddow, that’s who.

But, see, Stockman did get a fax about the Oklahoma City bombing … after the fact. Even Maddow is forced to admit she had the facts wrong.

Maddow, in referencing herself, admits she got it wrong. But she managed to turn her “retraction” into a further indictment of right wing “extremists.” Because thinking the government was planning paramilitary attacks on US citizens directly after the US government actually executed a paramilitary attack against a US citizens is batshit crazy, right? RIGHT?

Of course, it’s the anti-government types running for … government positions of whom we all need to be afraid. Not the liars, because no one believes Maddow – who is so intelligent and so clever – just happened to accuse a conservative politician of being an accessory to mass murder.

No, we’re the extremists. Not the far left freaks like good ol’ Rach. If Andrew Breitbart had made the same mistake, she’s be talking about it for months.

What Rachel Maddow is surrounding herself – and her 4 viewers with – is a lie. Tea Party backed conservatives aren’t anti-government. They are for a small, fiscally responsible federal government, with a distribution of rights to the states and the individual. You know, like it says in the Constitution?

She’s like to portray that as extreme, but if she actually reported the facts, she’d look like a fool tying “right wing extremism” to core constitutional values. So she lies.

I think we can all stand up to your scrutiny, Ms. Maddow. Let’s talk about Stockman. And let’s take a look at you, you’re partisan hackery and you’re own extremist views.

According to Rasmussen Polls, only 28% of American voters think Obama is doing a great job. 65% of voters want a smaller federal government with lower taxes. Only 25% want it the other way around. (Source: Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – so these numbers were for 10/21/2010 and may change by the time you click the link)

Support for minority politics is also down.

Voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on 8 of 10 key issues.

Voters are likelier to vote Republican over Democrat congressional seats.

Gee, Ms. Maddow, it looks like most Americans want a smaller federal government, less spending, fewer services and programs. They want to see less of a focus on divisive minority politics. They are more likely to vote Republican than Democrat.

So who, exactly, is the extremist? Perhaps someone who pretends it’s all the other way around.

As TV’s Andy Levy said during the Haltime Report

In fairness to Maddow, she was only off by a couple of hours on something that happend 15 years ago.

Why be condescending to the people who caught you in a factual error?

The first statement is beautifully sarcastic, but I can give the second one a serious answer.

The kind of person who knows she is wrong. The kind of person who knows she is losing credibility, just like her beloved savior, Barack Obama, is losing credibility. The kind of person who bases her politics on unicorns and puppies and little happy laughing children frolicking in the sun. The kind of person who hates any opinion not her own.

No, Maddow. We’re not “angry” bloggers. We’re correct bloggers, pointing out your blatant errors, your hypocrisy and your underhanded tricks. We don’t need to be angry with you.

Actually, you’re kind of pitiful. And it is you – along with your network – who is losing the American people. It is you who are out of touch. Meanwhile, it’s that horribly racist, conservative …. evil Fox that captures that minds of the American people.

Click here for the cable news ratings for yesterday. From what I can see, not only did Fox (FNC) dominate the day, it handily won every single time slot. Every. Single. One.

Of course, being correct or the best isn’t a numbers game. One is perfectly entitled to be in a minority opinion and still think they are right. But portraying the majority of Americans as being in supporting of dangerously extremist values is the type of non-starter logic that could only find it’s home on MSNBC.

Or, as this brilliant video points out, left is right and up is down

Try again, Rach. It’s no wonder you made my list of the 10 Biggest Dicks in the Leftist Media.

Red Eye” air date – October 22, 2010. Guests: Diana Falzone, Bill Hemmer and Oliver “Ali” Nejad . Cast: Host – Greg Gutfeld, Sequential Hermaphroditic Sidekick – Bill Schulz and Ombudsman – TV’s Andy Levy

The views in this post are entirely my own (except where I’m quoting.) Neither “Red Eye” nor Fox News endorse or support my “Red Eye” posts. I am not affiliated with the show in any way, other than being an avid fan.

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5 Responses to “Red Eye: So How Much Does Rachel Maddow Suck?”
  1. DCG says:

    “Reporters” like Madcow will tow the D party line at any cost. This “reporter” has no clue what us “extremists” and libs really want. Even my mom, who voted for Obama, is not buying the SRM lies any more. They are out of touch and clueless. Fortunately we’ll get to see them deal with reality on 11/02/10!!

  2. snookie smoosh says:

    she doesn’t suck …but her incessant licking has left an embarrassingly pungent puddle of drool…

  3. Tootsie Rawls says:

    Chris, by adding Rachel Madd(strap)on to your ”10 Biggest Dicks in the Leftist Media,“ you have given her what she wants in terms of a great compliment. (in the photo, “Rache” couldn’t be more ‘Butch’ – another flattery to a guy-wanna-be.) IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. But mocking your critics while so-called ”apologizing“ for her egregious mistake, yes, there is something wrong with that.
    A main issue with the far Left is using sarcasm, insolence, & insulting attitude as their ”sense of humor.“

    Tootsie Rawls

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