Sarah Silverman “Worries” About Gay Bullying

Supreme asshat, Sarah Silverman, recently made yet another tedious public service announcement. Like many celebrities, Silverman is outraged at the self-inflicted deaths of gay young people due to bullying and harassment. It’s a noble idea that I fully support. Really, I do. Because, as we all know, Sarah Silverman is all about tolerance and acceptance.

Here’s the PSA

That’s right. Gay teens are bullied and kill themselves because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the inability of gay people to marry. By not supporting every plank in the gay rights platform, we teach young people it’s OK to tease young homosexuals to death.

Which is odd, because I’ve never been made fun of for not being allowed to serve openly in the military. Nor has anyone ever pointed the finger at me and laughed at my marital status.

You know what I’ve always found promotes anti-gay bigotry, intolerance, harassment and violence? Equating being gay with really, really negative things.

Like, for instance

If you’re too intelligent impatient to sit through a couple of minutes of Silverman’s bullshit “comedy,” fast forward to the 2:30 mark.

“Jewish people who drive German cars… it’s so…. gay. It’s just gay.”

Gee, thanks, Sarah. By the way, know where the pink triangle symbol came from? That’s right. The same holocaust you’re decrying in this comedy routine. Because homosexuals were rounded up and slaughtered, too. So thanks for equating the stupidity of Jewish people buying German automobiles designed by Nazis to being gay. I’m sure that sends no mixed or negative messages at all.

You’re pathetic. And, by the way, we don’t need your kind of help, thanks.

6 Responses to “Sarah Silverman “Worries” About Gay Bullying”
  1. DCG says:

    You know, I’m sick of celebrities speaking out when it fits some liberal political agenda. What about suicide in general? I’ve had 2 friends that attempted suicide because of “mid life” reasons ( menopause), hormones gone amock I tell you!! What about speaking out on behalf of Americans killed by illegals? What about protecting the unborn? This is rhetorical of course. My point: bullying and tragedies happen in all wakes of life. But the libs only speak out when their perceived sensibilities are affronted and it serves their political agenda and allows them to bash conservatives. Seems rather shallow to me that they only care for issues that fit their agendas rather than the real issue of protecting all forms/likes/types of human beings. Rant over…

    • That’s an excellent point! Even if we were to focus on suicide among young people, what about all those who aren’t gay? Remember how were were all shocked when that young Irish girl killed herself after being bullied? Where are HER celebrity guardian angels.

      A human life is a human life. People try to end their lives for a multitude of reasons: all tragic. Why the divisiveness?

      • DCG says:

        Diviveness for political agenda and publicity. Perfect way to shift the blame from an indivual to a group of people. And not every gay person that is bullied commits suicide. You think this guy might have had some issues? Heck yes! Trust me, I know. People in that frame of mind are not balanced. The mind is a very tricky thing and not just one event may trigger a suicide.

        • Absolutely. And let’s not forget this poor young men felt drive to suicide because his private life was publicized on the Internet. More specifically, his private sexual encounter with … another young man. A young man who isn’t dead and is somewhere out there. The death was a tragedy, no doubt. But there’s another young man out there who might need our help right now. And it doesn’t matter whether he’s gay, straight, black, white or purple.

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