Islamodefiant on The Ed Morrissey Show

World Trade Centers Attacked on 9/11/2001

Who did this? The Jews? ELF? Latinos? No....ISLAMIC terrorists!

I’m still a newbie to the conservative scene. Consequently, I’m in the process of learning who the major players are, not to mention the behind the scenes folks who influence things. One of the majors I’ve missed out on until today is Ed Morrissey, writer and UStream radio show host, among other things.

What changed today? My sad little ego was stroked.

As you know from reading my blog – if you do, in fact, read my blog – one of the issues I write about often is radical Islam. I’ve written about the Ground Zero Mosque, the man behind it and other related issues. It’s a big subject and I have barely scratched the surface. I often blog what I tweet, and tweet what I blog. Consequently, a couple weeks back, I tweeted the following:

I’m not islamophobic. I’m islamoDEFIANT. No Sharia for me. Not now. Not ever.

Today, Adam Baldwin appeared on the Ed Morrissey show. (If you don’t know who Adam Baldwin is: start here) I only learned of this when I came back from taking care of business in the Big Blue Room to find a couple tweets mentioning the interview with Mr. Baldwin in conjunction with me.

I’ve never met Adam in real life. Nor have I met any of the people in the public eye I’ve tweeted back and forth with. That’s what is so awesome about Twitter, though. It truly is a web of connection, information, and a level playing field. People from all walks of life interact with each other. Celebrities, housewives, students, welfare moms. Heck, some people even follow Eric Boehlert (though I don’t know why.)

Intrigued, and more than a little pleased, I found the show online and listened to the entire thing. At first, I was only interested in me being mentioned (did I say “sad little ego?” What I meant was “monstrous and in constant need of feeding.”) But the show was so good, and Mr. Morrissey is such a well-spoken, well-informed host, I listened to the whole thing.

Adam called in around the 24 minute mark. He and Morrissey discussed such wide-ranging topics as Obama’s take on education, how the “unity” straw man is really bad for politics (we need an open exchange of ideas. Sometimes, that means arguing), to Net Neutrality. At around the 53 minute mark, Baldwin mentioned me by name in conjunction with the term “islamodefiant,” and how it was created to counter the demonization of everyone who disagrees with radical Islam as an “islamophobe.” OK, I’m paraphrasing a bit, but that was the meat of the comment.

Which is exactly correct.

The “phobe” isms serve the Left – and the perpetuation of the victim mentality – only. The term “islamophobe” conjures images of wildly illiterate hillbillies cowering in their basements for fear of anyone of Arabic descent converging on them at any moment with hand grenades and Kalashnikovs. In one word, it paints people strongly opposed to the spread of sociopolitical Islam as bigots who live in fear.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many of us who oppose the political aspects of Islam, violent or not, do so with our eyes wide open. We research. We listen. We see what is going on around us, around the US and around the world. We see a collective moment lead by radicals and happily followed by millions who refuse to question what they’re being told, to the detriment of the world at large, not to mention the freedoms we all value.

From shooting up a liquor store in Russia, to protesting a Christian university in Texas, to demanding the removal of a cute puppy from a public service announcement in the UK, to threats to kill the Pope: radical Islam is becoming more normative of Islam as a whole in much the same way rampant progressivism has taken hold of the Democratic party.

It’s true there are plenty of Muslims who just go about their daily lives like the rest of us. Can I give percentages? No. But remember the guy who recently tried to blow up a car in Times Square was a nice man who just worried about his job and his mortgage, too. But radicalization is spreading, and the time to talk about it is now, not when it’s too late.

I freely admit I’m biased against Islam. I’m also biased against communism and other social structures that enforce a worldview in which I don’t wish to live. Similarly, other people are biased against me. Not everyone is the same. Not all moral and ethical systems deserve equal weight. And, as someone mentioned on Twitter today, being blindly tolerant is just as stupid as being blindly intolerant.

Hence, “islamodefiant.”

Because speaking out against something you think is wrong doesn’t make you a bigot. It makes you vocal. I’m far from cowering in the figurative basement of leftist fear. I’m out there, speaking about something I find to be dangerous to the entire world. I’m not going to stop. Ever.

If you feel strongly, as I do, please use the world “islamodefiant” wherever you can. Don’t let yourself be labeled “afraid.” We are not afraid. We are aware. There is a difference.

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