Red Eye: Dear Ahmadinejad – STFU and Get Out, kthxbai

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the UN General Assembly on Thursday*

On Thursday of this week, Iranian president (and by “president,” I totally don’t mean “psychotic, gay hanging, woman stoning, genocidally antisemitic, weapons of mass destruction building, truther propagandizing asshole”) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the general assembly of the United Nations in New York. Among other things, he called for an investigation into the violent Islamic attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, clearly indicating the US played a part to further a Zionist conspiracy.

Man, what a douche.

Today, the Hitler prototype sat down for an exclusive interview with Eric Shawn of FOX News.

When Shawn asked Ahmminneedofajob that he insulted Americans by suggesting the US backed the 9/11 attacks, Mahmoud responded by asking Shawn whether he’d address his own president that way. Or if he’d even be allowed to.

I can answer that one.

Dear President Obama: I think you’re a socialist, an egoist, a liar and a one-term wonder. I hate what you’ve brought to most honored job in America.

See, Ahmy? I don’t like my president, but I have no reason to fear him. So, yes. I, and many other Americans, would talk to our own president that way. And we are definitely allowed to. It’s a little something we like to call freedom of speech. Here, it’s for everyone, not just those immune to high velocity mineral attacks.

What would had happened to Eric Shawn in Iran

On today’s “Red Eye,” host Greg Gutfeld, et al, talked about the Middle East tyrant’s remarks and interview.

The cast and guest panel acknowledged President Obama called Ahmadinejasshat’s remarks “hateful.” But isn’t that what the Left says of Glenn Beck? I’m hardly impressed. If Barry had said, “If that man ever sets foot on US soil again, I will put his head on a pike outside the White House as a warning to all who would harm us,” well then I might have developed a little tingle. Possibly in my big toe. Certainly not full limb.

I’m hard to please.

Said the sexy and funny Lauren Sivan

It almost seems like this is what Obama needs and wants at this point. ‘Maybe you do your nut bag thing at the UN, and then I can come out against you.’

The panel agreed, to which Gutfeld responded

What you’re saying is Ahmadinejad’s speech is an inside job.

See, while we free Americans are castigated and labeled racists for even breathing loudly around a burka – much less drawing a conclusion about Islam based on the thousands upon thousands of terrorist attacks worldwide – dictators like Mahmoud can sit freely in our country and tell us we were behind the deaths of 3,000 of our own.

And by “our own,” I mean people from around the world (though mostly American) who lived and worked here, and were apart of the American dream. Yes, the American capitalist dream. By the way, Ahmy also said capitalism is failing.

Well, it tends not to unless you fly a plane into it. Or threaten to completely not blow it up with your absolutely non-existent nuclear weapons. Which, by the way, if you continue not building them, I guarantee the free world will definitely fail to come together and nuke you until you glow.

First time guest, John Phillips, had the best comment of the night when he said

If you come to New York and you’re going to do a “9/11 is an inside job” thing, the proper place to do it is “The View.”

Hey. Has anyone noticed that “The View” graphic looks a little like the “V” logo? I mean, of course, the “V” part. Of course, I doubt any of the lovely ladies of “The View” have jaws that unhinge.

At any rate, I digress.

Hey, Ahmy! You’re a worm. We hate you. We’re not afraid of you and everything you say encourages the world to escalate threats of violence against you. Continue to build your little aresenal. Threaten us with a war without limits. Been there. Bought the t-shirt (for which I paid prime as it was made in the USA.)

Remember when that nutty guy one country over used to say similar things about America?

Just sayin’

And, my little potato of hate, if you disagree with me, you’re probably a racist homo…oh, right.

Now, get out and stay out. Our colors don’t run. Unless we’re in hot pursuit.

* – Absolute no offense is intended to Nashville, the Grand Ol’ Opry or Minnie Pearl – all of which I love. You just gotta lulz. (And yes, I know I suck at PhotoShop. Give me a break. I’m trying.)

Red Eye” air date – September 25, 2010. Guests: Lauren Sivan, John Phillips and Mike Baker. Cast: Host – Greg Gutfeld, Sequential Hermaphroditic Sidekick – Bill Schulz and Ombudsman – TV’s Andy Levy

The views in this post are entirely my own (except where I’m quoting.) Neither “Red Eye” nor Fox News endorse or support my “Red Eye” posts. I am not affiliated with the show in any way, other than being an avid fan.

8 Responses to “Red Eye: Dear Ahmadinejad – STFU and Get Out, kthxbai”
  1. aaron says:

    Happiness is a slightly room temperature…blue steeled potential…prepared to shred to tatters …Arab Hitlers ..”members only” jacket…!!!!

  2. Kimberly_AE says:


    That was awesome! “Nuke you until you glow” I might have to steal that line, hehe.
    Totally laugh out loud funny, great post!

  3. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney says:

    Who does FOX think they are fooling?
    Where is the full FOX exclusive Ahmadinejad interview?
    Where is the complete FOX exclusive Ahmadinejad transcript?

  4. DCG says:

    Why he is allowed to enter our country is beyond me…

    Funny post!

  5. Rachel Lorenzone says:

    It’s too bad the theocracy in Iran is in the state it is. I wonder how it would have been if the United States has British had never overthrown the original democracy Iran had in 1953, but unfortunately the British did not like to obey their own treaties, and 96% of profits going to BP were not enough. It was the original “how did our oil get underneath THEIR SAND?!”.

    If Iran were allowed to develop as a democracy without outside intervention, and the Shah was not reinstated by the US, and the US did not instruct the Iranian govt how to spy and torture citizens opposed to the Shah (the group was called Savak, a gift to Iran from the CIA), we probably would not have seen a revolution in Iran in 1979.

    But it didnt happen that way. You cannot defeat an enemy if you don’t understand the how and why behind them (and you dont really understand the how and the why if you are getting your information from Fox News. Seriously. It’s got nothing to do with left/right. It’s about objectivity and history. Why does this country insist on living in ignorance and supporting the two party cult? But I’m off topic now).

    Iran is a country with a rich history and language, and it is being destroyed by an oppressive regime that would like nothing more than to erase it’s proud Persian heritage and make it another Arab state.

    You remember that conversation the Joker had with Batman in the original film?

    “You IDIOT! You made me. Remember?”

    • ChrisIsRIGHT says:

      You make some very good points, your facile comment about Fox notwithstanding. I mean Fox does very little international coverage. Those of us who watch Fox for US news look at other news sources, too.

      Still, your main points are very interesting and obviously valid. Nation building, colonialism, interfering in the affairs of sovereign countries: these things often haven’t served us – or the world- very well at all.

      However, we can’t simply stand back and treat Ahmadinejad and his regime as the abused child of indifferent, imperialist parents who isn’t responsible for his actions. I’m not suggesting we ignore the past, but we have to live in the present. Ahmadinejad is, as you say, a threat to his own people and the heritage of Iran. He is also a threat to other nations.

      One way or another, he’ll have to be dealt with. And, in another 50 years, someone will probably point out how that interference screwed with Iran, too.

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