Red Eye: Steven Crowder – Renowned Nomosexual

Steven Crowder is wise byond his years. Sometimes, he could choose his words better.

Perhaps the world in the title should be “Notyetrosexual,” but I like my version better.

On today’s episode of “Red Eye,” frequent guest Steven Crowder discussed the opinion column he recently wrote for Why NOT Having Sex Might be Good For You.

Crowder’s article was a mixture of compelling and condescending, uplifting and misogynistic, inexperienced and full of wisdom.

In short, it came off as an honest piece written by a man who feels strongly about his beliefs and his practices. Someone very young.

Crowder writes

Maybe it’s just the lack of fun-factor, or maybe it started with harlotry being misused as a fulcrum for women’s liberation, but if you so much as suggest to someone that abstinence might be beneficial, you’ll often find yourself vilified as a judgmental jackass faster than Bill Maher can throw up his dainty hands.

He has a point. Usually, when abstinence is mentioned, it’s in relation to some “weird” pledge or religious movement. I’ve got no problem with young people of any faith (or no faith at all) taking a formal pledge of abstinence. Sometimes, joining together in a common cause makes individuals stronger. On the other hand, there are freaks out there. The movement where young girls pledge their virginity to their fathers, then go to a father/daughter formal dance comes to mind. To me, it just seems … creepy.

But what else is Crowder saying? When he’s taking about choosing to have sex, he uses words like “harlotry” and “floozie.” Except where he mentions himself, it’s all about women having sex being cheap and tawdry. Untrustworthy.

Crowder refers to his significant other as his “lady” and “dame.” His word choices conjure images of the young comedian dressed in a smoking jacket swirling Courvoisier from a snifter while a white-gloved young woman attempts to escape his third story Manhattan walk-up.

Maybe it’s this tone that prompted Amy Schumer to attack Crowder almost immediately. She trashed him for referring to himself as a comedian, when he doesn’t perform often enough to suit Schumer’s definition of the word. She called Crowder out on his age, as if the choice to engage in sexual activity for the first time doesn’t affect someone in the same generation as Crowder. And she made light of his face, making a condescending remark about a “Christian comedy tour.”

Schumer seemed to fulfill Crowder’s point that anyone who talks about abstinence is attacked, all the time trying to hold her own opinion as superior due to greater age and experience. Come on, Amy. If you fell for the trap, can you really play the superior maturity card?

Still, Schumer also had a point. She discussed choosing to be sexually active with a person at the beginning of a relationship, then remaining monogamous throughout its duration. She talked about her number of partners (“two baker’s dozens”) and the fact she was just fine, health-wise. A counter argument implying Crowder seemed to be claiming anyone who engaged in sex was going to get Teh AIDZ.

The back-and-forth got pretty heated, but ended amicably. In fact, I suggest you check for the podcast on iTunes in the next few days. It’s an excellent segment.

Crowder’s overall point is valid. We don’t like to talk about abstinence in society today. It seems almost as taboo as dirty, dirty fornication might have fifty years ago. It’s all about safe sex practices, avoiding pregnancy and five techniques to put on a condom.

Someone who follows “Red Eye” on Twitter said it was always the religious people who talked about abstinence, which is silly. It’s science. You can’t get STDs if you don’t engage in sex. You can’t get pregnant if you don’t engage in sex. That’s not because of Jesus; it’s because of biology, chemistry and physics.

As Crowder points out, abstinence-only education is unrealistic. Look at Bristol Palin. (And I say that with all due respect. I like the Palin family. We all fall short of our goals sometime.) But so is no abstinence education at all.

Choosing to remain a virgin until one is married, or until one finds a life partner if you prefer, is a very valid lifestyle choice. Abstinence shouldn’t be taboo. Maybe those of us who feel old enough to make our own decisions resent being told what we should or shouldn’t do, but imagine having a thirteen year old son or daughter.

In an age where MTV and VH1 practically champion unwed teenage mothers, is it really so out of line to argue for traditional Christian values? Especially when they coincide with good, common sense.

And what’s wrong with Christianity, anyway?

It’s just a shame Crowder couldn’t make his point without pushing the double standard of sexually active women as sluts, or – perhaps – without sounding just a little judgmental and condescending. But, as Schumer points out, he is young and inexperienced.

I disagree with Schumer that a man at the height of his sexually active years couldn’t have enough “experience” to make a very valid point about his own choices. I bet a whole bunch of young conservatives and Christians look up to Mr. Crowder. Perhaps the experience he truly lacks is in establishing a tone with his audience. That’s something he can learn over time. Herpes, Hepatitis C or “unwanted” children are forever.

Red Eye” air date – September 23, 2010. Guests: Amy Schumer, Steven Crowder and Imogen Lloyd Webber. Cast: Host – Greg Gutfeld, Sequential Hermaphroditic Sidekick – Bill Schulz and Ombudsman – TV’s Andy Levy

The views in this post are entirely my own (except where I’m quoting.) Neither “Red Eye” nor Fox News endorse or support my “Red Eye” posts. I am not affiliated with the show in any way, other than being an avid fan.

5 Responses to “Red Eye: Steven Crowder – Renowned Nomosexual”
  1. Unity, dirty unity.

    Also, father/daughter purity balls are creep-tastic. The science is settled.

  2. aaron says:

    Bill Maher doesnt have dainty hands but scaly genitals …courtesy of the “grotto” guppies ..ick infested… full round mouths eager to feed … all Steven needs to do is swallow a handful of antibiotics…warm up his “chowder”…and learn to swim with the fishies.!!!

  3. Natassia says:

    It’s the nature of the beast, Chris.

    Women and men are different, and that’s why there’s a double-standard when it comes to the sexual experience of a man versus that of a woman.

    An older gentlemen who goes by the name of “Sir Guy” has a very interesting blog called What Women Never Hear. Regarding the double-standard about the worth of chastity in females and the relative unimportance of it in males, he writes:

    Few things, if any, shame a man more than a female witness to his sexual failure. I repeat: Few things, if any, shame a man more than a female witness to his sexual failure.

    that’s why

    Men can’t stand criticism about sex, so they prefer virginity. Virtual virginity makes a man forget that he may be criticized. Continued refusals make it worth the risk, and so [virtual virginity] lathers her with value.

    Now here’s why unchastity in females is so destructive for them and for society in general:

    The popularity of unmarried sex makes males appreciate sex much more than females. Modern males compete with females for sex instead of with males for females.

    If men don’t compete for the woman instead of sex with her, then women have considerably less value as unique creatures. Every woman can provide sex, so her uniqueness dissipates when she yields. Her value as potential woman and wife goes up only when men have to keep trying to win her favor for sex. The harder he tries, the greater her value.

    Sure, it’s not fair. But that’s life.

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