Dear Marc Lamont Hill, What is a “Racist Element?”

Self-Important Famous professor, activist and political analyst, Marc Lamont Hill, was recently challenged by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to prove the Tea Party is racist. As Hill tweeted yesterday

Tonight, Bill O’Reilly challenged me to return next week with proof that the Tea Party is racist. Done! I’ll also prove that water is wet…

Not to be caught in his own racist trap, Hill quickly backpedaled … slightly.

Let me be clear. Not all tea-partiers are racist. I just think it’s undeniable that there are racist elements/sectors within the party.

Ah. My favorite phrase: “Let me be clear.” This seems to have become the go-to phrase when leftists say something overly general, wrong or downright stupid. Hill’s comments were all three.

A True Intellectual™ of Hill’s caliber certainly wouldn’t engage in one-sided partisanship. Nor, heaven forbid, would he ever hold white people to a different standard than black people. So when I searched his Twitter timeline for “New Black Panthers” to find his reaction to their blatant racism in calling for the death of “cracker babies,” I found … *crickets*

Then again, there’s this: Marc Lamont Hill called a black woman who recently criticized Obama a “plant.”

What do you want to bet Hill returns to The O’Reilly Factor with pictures from Tea Party rallies proving inherent racism? What do you want to bet he dismisses any argument claiming those people are plants as ridiculous or disingenuous?

You have to admire Hill’s clarification though. We’re not all racists. Probably just the white people. The other Tea Party members are most likely Uncle Toms, or Tio Juans, or something. But it gets the question: what – exactly – defines a racist “element?” Is it 1 nut? Or 10? Or 1,000? Perhaps it’s a percentage.

You see, to people like Hill, racism is only something a white person can perpetuate. There’s a myth that an element of “power” must be behind the hate for it to be meaningful to society. In other words, a black man can use words like “cracker” and “honky” all he wants. Since white people have all the power, that black man can’t ever be racist. His words have no effect to society at large.

This is, to put it politely, utter and total bullshit.

And Hill’s “racist element” feint is the politically correct, liberal version of “some of the best friends are black.” Of course there are racists in the Tea Party. There are racists in all movements, of all colors and pushing all agendas. The fact is, Hill is jumping on the “predominately white” movement. We’re white people questioning and disagreeing with a black man, ergo hate.

In the video clip linked to above, Hill himself questions Obama on several points. He admits there is a level of frustration with the president. Is he a racist, then, too? Of course not! He’s a black man. Black people can’t be racists.

Let me tell you about some of the black people I know. They’re as racist as everybody else. The difference? They brag about it. The boyfriend of one of my former neighbors used to opine at length about his racism. How he was the most racist person alive. His proof? He hates Mexicans, Filipinos, Asians and – most of all – dirty, dirty white people. Plus, the gays. He’s not the only black person I’ve encountered with this attitude. Should I therefore offer proof of the inherent racism of African Americans and call it as self-evident as the dampness of the ocean?


Let me be clear. Some black people are racists. Some black people are homophobes. Some black people smoke crack. See where I’m going with this? When I – a white man – start to trot out the stereotypes, I immediately become a racist. No doubt, someone will read this post and call me a secret KKK member. Even better, they’ll make the supremely stupid leftist mistake of associating me with a radical Left movement, like Nazism.

When Hill plays on racial guilt, or racial stereotypes, to draw conclusions about a large number of people based on the actions of a few, he is a racist. I don’t care about his academic pedigree or his thousands of adoring students and fans. I don’t care about his clever quips on “Red Eye” (though I do often enjoy them.) I care about his blatant legitimization of a dangerous double standard.

Hill is a charismatic, smart and witty man. Therefore, I can’t assume he’s “blinded” by a lack of intelligence, experience or exposure. I must conclude Hill’s race baiting comments and tactics are a deliberate smear campaign against people who have legitimate gripes with a president not acting in America’s best interests, as we see it.

I’m sure he’ll have plenty of evidence to present to Mr. O’Reilly next week. I’d just like him to remember: Louis Farrakan, Al Sharpton, Crown Heights, Tawana Brawley, the New Black Panthers, OJ Simpson, Chris Rock, etc. And, for real white racism, I’d like him to see Sen. Robert Byrd (D-Hell), George Wallace, Fred Phelps…

The difference is: conservatives denounce the racists on the right. Leftists pretend theirs don’t exist.

See how easy it is to play the race card? Especially when one is backed up by actual facts.

Of course, Hill will dismiss me – hypothetically. I doubt he knows I exist – as another white, right-wing nutjob. To which I will neatly attribute to him the “homophobic” epithet. Because anyone who disagrees with me clearly does so due to my orientation. Right, Dr. Hill?


A mere hours after I published this post, the following occurred on Twitter. I’ll caption the screen grabs for the social networking impaired.

I announce my MLH post on Twitter

Ahem. I think this one is self-explanatory. MLH just called me a racist! OK, so I called him one first.

So I call him a homophobe. Hey! I said I would.

Really, Dr. Hill? Ageist? Are you sure you want to go there?

And I get the last word. OK. Probably because he has a life. Still. WIN!

N.B – Lest you think this is some sort of exclusive and Dr. Hill has lost his marbles, when he posted his first tweet to me, he sent me a private message consisting of the following: “;-)”

I dub thee Good Sport Dr. Marc Lamont Hill!

4 Responses to “Dear Marc Lamont Hill, What is a “Racist Element?””
  1. DCG says:

    Another go-to phrase they commonly use, “I mis-spoke”. So tired of backtracking and the racist card…been to 2 TEA parties (Seattle & Bellevue) and didn’t see any racism. The left’s cry of racist now reduces the true meaning of the word when they use it so flagrantly.

  2. bteacher99 says:

    “Sen. Robert Byrd (D-Hell)”–OUCH!!

    Though Arab (and therefore technically neither “white” nor “black”), a former boss was simultaneously the most racist and the most ignorant boss I’d ever had. I reported him to HIS boss for asking me what “that” was doing on the front register and when I was going to get rid of “it”. (“It” was a 16-year-old straight-A student, winner of a secret shopper $100 award…who oh by the way was black).

    He and his boss showed up two weeks later to inform me that this was a big misunderstanding. After all, this poor man (my soon to be former boss) couldn’t be racist, because he was himself a foreigner!

    Get a clue, folks! The content of your own character shows when you judge another by skin color. When you do that, I don’t see your skin color as your excuse. I see only your sorry excuse for character.

  3. aaron says:

    First of all ” a black woman’ is not a plant… when we all know she is a sweet dark berry….second ..crackers made of babies .. that’s sick ..i just thought it was old white people…ya know Obama care!! Green and flat …

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