Red Eye: Separation of MA and Reality – Children Pray in Terrorist Mosque

The Radical Islamic threat has been grossly stated completely accurately.

It appears a school in Massachusetts got into a wee bit of trouble after a videotape emerged of a recent field trip to a local mosque.

In May, Wellesley Middle School 6th and 7th graders visited the Islamic Society of Boston Community Center. During their field trip, students, teachers and chaperons were separated by gender, and young men prayed with the Muslims faithful.

Of course, the parent group that runs the “community center” (another totally-not-a-mosque-we-promise) has run amok, calling the video heavily edited and misleading (paging Andrew Breitbart!)

The moral indignation would probably go over a little better if not for a little fact mentioned by “Red Eye” host, Greg Gutfeld. The man who founded the organization behind the mosque community center is in jail for 23 years. And for what? He’s there on terror charges!

That’s not all. Read the following paragraphs from a letter written to several members of congress and President Barack Obama on this very issue

The Islamic Society of Boston was founded by Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who is currently serving 23 years in jail on terror charges. For years, its board of trustees included Yusuf al Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who was banned by Bill Clinton from the United States in 1999. Qaradawi now chairs the Muslim American Society’s university, which offers classes inside the mosque. Over half the mosque’s $15.5 million price tag was funded by wealthy Saudis and since it opened, several of its leaders, donors and members have been implicated in Islamic extremism.

Oussama Ziade, a big donor to the mosque, is now a fugitive in Lebanon after being indicted in 2009 for dealing in the assets of an Al Qaeda financier. Ahmad Abousamra, the son of the Boston Muslim American Society’s former vice-president Abdulbadi Abousamra, is now a fugitive in Syria, fleeing the country before being indicted in 2009 on charges of aiding Al Qaeda. One of the mosque’s imams, Abdullah Faaruuq, was captured on tape in 2010 telling followers to “pick up the gun and the sword” and to defend another local terrorist Aafia Siddiqui from the U.S. government. Siddiqui, who was one of the imam’s congregants, is an MIT graduate and Al Qaeda member awaiting sentencing for attempting to murder FBI agents in Afghanistan while shouting “death to America.”

The first person that tells me I’m being an “islamophobe” because I call foul when terrorists are behind exactly the type of things we’ve been claiming they are is going to get a boot upside the head.

A Saudi funded “community center” run by a terrorist and operating a school run by another terrorist who was previously kicked out of the US?

I find this … troublesome. In much the same way I find the temperature in Death Valley warm.

Of course, this whole story comes along with the usual stuff: Islamic apologists claiming Muslim women had the right to vote in the time of Mohammad, worrying about children praying, and the fact the field trip series will also visit a synagogue, a Hindu temple and a gospel choir performance.

The ACLU is “looking into” whether the students’ rights were violated by being invited to pray.

As SE Cupp stated (and I paraphrase due to lack of DVR)

Maybe it wasn’t wrong to bring them to a mosque, but a trip to a church never would have been sanctioned. I’m glad to know Wellesley is back behind prayer in school!

Of course, we all know if the students had been “invited to pray” at a Christian church of any kind, heads would already have rolled by now. Separation. Of. Church. And. State!!! (and, possibly, 1!one!!!11!)

Yeah. That’s a problem. We all know about the liberal hypocrisy against Christianity. We all know we live in a society where Muslims are claiming the victim card and whining about anti-Islam sentiment when there is over 8 times more violence against Jews than Muslims. It’s almost not worth mentioning all of it again.


It’s all one story. The fact that terrorists are openly operating houses of worship and schools within our country and the fact that Muslims are trumping up a vast, anti-Muslim conspiracy when – really – it’s an anti-indoctrination, anti-suppression of freedom and an anti-terrorism conspiracy that is right out in the open are all the same thing: the continued threat against American values, Constitutional law and the preservation of our freedoms.

I have no problem with middle school kids engaging in prayer if they want to do so. Provided, of course, they have an equal opportunity to pray in a Christian church as in a mosque. Which they don’t, and won’t, as long as leftists run this country.

But I have no patience for a “community center” operated by Saudis and outright terrorists. Shut them down! Kick them the hell out of our country. Don’t ever let American children who aren’t Muslim enter those doors again. Ever!

Shorter Liberalism: Blah blah blah “islamophobe.” Blah blah blah “bigot.” Blah blah blah “teabagger terrorists.”


These people are imprisoned. For terrorism! Why are we letting children anywhere near them? Why are we letting these organizations have a voice in our society? No terrorism. Got it?

And if you disagree with me, you’re … well, you’re messed in the head.

Red Eye” air date – September 18, 2010. Guests: Remi Spencer, SE Cupp and Terry Schappert. Cast: Host – Greg Gutfeld, Sequential Hermaphroditic Sidekick – Bill Schulz and Ombudsman – TV’s Andy Levy

2 Responses to “Red Eye: Separation of MA and Reality – Children Pray in Terrorist Mosque”
  1. J L Hall says:

    The school was wrong headed in their field trip idea.The last time I checked Islam is a religion.If the ACLU has grown a magical group brain they will see the students rights were indeed violated.The school allowed the students to be coerced into prayer.School is not the proper venue for religion.

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