Red Eye: A Great Liberal Pillar – American Higher Education

Great Pillar of Liberalism, or merely partisan indoctrination?

A number of years ago, I decided to go back to school and pursue an education in the physical sciences. Because I favor a small classroom (and enjoy an even smaller budget), I took my prerequisites at a popular community college.

Our history department was filled with burnt out 60’s radicals, as was our English department.

During class time, an anti-war group would march through the halls, yelling at the top of their lungs. That might not have been so bad for students busy writing  papers on the social ramifications of Britney Spear’s “artistry,” but I was trying to do integral calculus.

When the school administration was finally forced to do something about the students marching inside the building, the faculty advisor to the student newspaper called the college’s president a fascist and a practitioner of censorship.

The school might as well have adopted Che Guevara as a mascot. I think the most conservative group we had on campus was La Raza.

Consequently, I was in no way surprised at the Greg-Alogue on the most recent episode of “Red Eye.”

A conservative student group, Young Americans for Freedom, was kicked out of an event at Palm Beach State College last week when a school official claimed they had not obtained permission to be there. The problem? The group has an email sent to the same official, and a cell phone record of her calling to speak with them.

Host Greg Gutfeld said:

Here’s the real point: that lady knew she could bully those kids because her rudeness fell into the “No worries, they’re conservatives!” category. If they were Vegan Nudists for Obama, she would have been fine. But she didn’t like their views, so she kicked ’em out.

And she got away with it.

She did get away with it. There is video of the students being asked to leave, but the damage is done. The question is: why? Why did she get away with it?

The answer may be found in the comments of frequent “Red Eye” guest and funny man, John DeVore:

Universities are one of the  great liberal pillars. It’s like asking me why … conservatives are bigot fundamentalists. I don’t know.

DeVore’s comment was somewhat tongue in cheek, but then again, it does seem as if elitist leftists believe it. Higher Education, the Arts, culture: these are the properties of the intellectual and, therefore, the “liberal” mind. Conservatives are fine when you need to put out a fire, change a car tire or order a cheeseburger. If they just wouldn’t try to fit in where they’re not wanted.

This is a problem.

There is no point in spending tens of thousands of dollars on a higher education if that education only serves to indoctrinate a young mind into the logical fallacy of one progressive worldview. Critical thought is all about learning how to think, not what to think.

Stamping out a conservative youth group is worse than acting on a personal bias. In a culture rife with radical left-wing ideology, coming together as young conservatives may be the only time these students can bolster their own social, political and cultural views. The only way by which to protect themselves from interdepartmental Leftist indoctrination.

That is exactly the goal. Radicals involved in education are no longer interested in critical thought. They are interested in stamping out all other points of view, starting with any sense of American exceptionalism, intellectual honesty and conservatism.

The myth that the political Left owns intellectualism and higher thought is just that: a myth. But it’s a myth in danger of becoming reality if young people like those involved in conservative activism on campus don’t continue speaking up.

As Gutfeld concluded:

Conservatives are the new counter-culture.

That’s almost right. In fact, we are still the majority of Americans. At the very least, a plurality. It’s about time we start acting like it. Demand fair representation of conservative ideals in your college courses. Ask questions about conservative leaders. Call educators on their biases.

Otherwise, the school you – or your son or daughters – attend may become just like the one I attended in Seattle.

Would it surprise you to learn Christian groups weren’t allowed on my campus? An Islamic group was not only allowed, but encouraged to interrupt lectures to hand out literature.

Colleges and Universities should not be pillars of liberalism. They should be bastions of the best in American thought. Don’t let Code Pink and the Campus Crusade for Castro be the only exposure to world politics our young minds encounter.

NOTE: This post is a continuation of a series I started while writing for David Horowitz’s NewsReal. Due to “creative difference,” I will no longer be writing for them, but will continue the Red Eye posts here, as I love the show and want to continue writing about it. You can read my older “Red Eye” posts on NRB here.

One Response to “Red Eye: A Great Liberal Pillar – American Higher Education”
  1. DCG says:

    Well said. I would add that liberalism starts in the elementary schools. I have two nieces that faced that early on. My sis has worked hard to keep them on the conservative path and think critically for themselves.

    Not surprised Christians weren’t allowed, after all, we are another group that is allowed to be trashed w/no consequences.

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