6 Responses to “OMG! The Democrats Have Totally Rebranded and Stuff”
  1. kelliejane says:

    I think it’s sposed to be D for “drive”, going forward. But instead it appears to be D for “Dear God, Harry, did you really call him your PET?!”

  2. Joseph Veca says:

    I work as a graphic artist and I can’t think of a disastrously, dumb, dingy, and dismissively drab logo.

    But you know something, it fits them. A few people liked the idea and without talking to anyone else, and forced it down the Democrats throats.

    You know there have to be a number of people on Madison Ave, who are laughing themselves sick over this one.

  3. DCG says:

    D = Depression. Brand yourself all you want. Still won’t change the unemployment numbers, the bad economy and all that “change that matters”.

  4. bteacher99 says:

    I think it’s O.D. The country has OD’d on O-bama and his D-controlled Congress. Secretly, the Dems, or at least the designer of the logo, is crying for help.

  5. sirrahc says:

    Dull. Or, maybe, “Dem-Ass!” (like in the Dunce pic).

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