Dissent From Washington State – A Pictorial

Lovely Washington. Known for its forests, its mountains, its grunge music and its sparkly vampires. Our largest city, Seattle, is practically a communist state, except that it’s still much more fun than one. Still, Washington is known for its love of liberal politics, though the state is often split near the 50/50 mark.

Lest those despair for Dino in the upcoming elections. Lest you’ve written off the Evergreen State as a lost progressive wasteland, I bring you images of hope.

I’m not saying I agree with all of them. There’s one misspelling, but hey. It is what it is.

Still, you gotta love the spirit.

These first two images were taken by my friend Traci on a recent trip to Southern Washington.

The rest were taken near Chehalis, Washington. They were forwarded to me in email awhile ago, but who actually took the pictures is unknown.

Someone in Washington doesn’t much care for the Obama administration, it seems. I salute them.

One Response to “Dissent From Washington State – A Pictorial”
  1. DCG says:

    lol, love these signs! Truly hope their is change coming to this Washington in November…

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