And Now, A Moment of Tolerance

Someone claims credit for this images goes to Michelle Malkin. I don't know, but thought I'd mention it, just in case.

Thanks to the folks at for showing me this first video and giving me the motivation to write this post:

In the above video, Feiz Muhammad – a moderate Muslim – show his tolerance for that horrible bigot Geert Wilders, who was put on trial for “insulting Muslims.” Muhammad, in the fashion of all moderates, responds with the tact and decorum of all lovers of peace. In other words, he calls for Wilders – and all mockers of Islam around the world – to be beheaded. I wonder when his trial will be. No? Huh.

Speaking of moderates, here’s the man himself: Imam Feisal Rauf, talking about Osama bin Laden being “made in the USA.”

Cenk Uygur of YoungTurks argues for religious tolerance and how conservatives are “supposedly” all about religious freedom.

Here’s Uygur claiming Beck’s restoring honor rally is racist, that conservatives blocked the civil rights bill and that Ted Nugent recently made a statement about liking to see a lot of white people (which is in fact the opposite of what he said.)

Except, oops!, it was a Democrat from Virginia who tried to block the Civil Rights Act from a vote in the house. And, OOPS again! it was 18 Southern Democrats and 1 (one, uno, eins… that’s 18 MINUS 17) 1 Republican who tried to block its passage in the Senate.

In fact, someone said:

This so-called Civil Rights Proposals, which the President has sent to Capitol Hill for enactment into law, are unconstitutional, unnecessary unwise and extend beyond the realm of reason. This is the worst civil-rights package ever presented to the Congress and is reminiscent of the Reconstruction proposals and actions of the radical Republican Congress.

Guess what evil, bigoted Republican conservative that was! Oh, gee. It was Strom Thurmond, a Democrat from South Carolina. (Thurmond became a Republican after 1964.)

In fact, Mr. Uygur, take a look at the breakdown of the votes at the bottom of the Wikipedia article linked. Which party was about 80% in favor of the Civil Rights Act? If you guessed Democrat, you’d be wrong, wrong, wrong! It was Republicans. It was Democrats who lead the filibuster. It was Democrat and former KKK recruiter Robert Byrd (may he rot in pieces) who made filibuster speech lasting over 14 hours!

And, gee, Mr. Uygur. What rally did Martin Luther King’s niece attend? Sharpton’s? No. Guess again, sparky. Beck’s!

But way to show your tolerance for white conservatives. Glad you’re able to straddle both sides of the tolerance fence when it suits your agenda. Hey! I have an idea: Go to hell.

Here, Keith Olbermann decries George W. Bush for comparing terrorists with Nazis. OMG! Bush is instilling fear in America!

But, wait. Good ol’ bathtub boy seems to be both for and against Nazi and Hitler references.

Hey! Here’s a whole website dedicated to the Bush = Hitler meme. By documenting it, not advocating it.

This moment of tolerance brought to you by the letter “H” … for hypocrisy. (Also, by Smirnoff Ice, because it’s Friday and I want to.)

3 Responses to “And Now, A Moment of Tolerance”
  1. benning says:

    Too bad this info will never be allowed to be shown in the schools. That’s the place for it. Open some young eyes before the Leftists blind them with Unicorns and Hopey-Changey.

  2. gerry says:

    It was JFK, D-MA, who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1967.

  3. gerry says:

    oops… I meant the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

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