You Might be a Liberal if…

One of these men is definitely a racist. But which one depends on the actions of each, if you're a conservative, and the color of each, if you're a liberal

  • You think big government will save us from big business
  • You think it’s wrong to draw conclusions about groups of people (like Muslims) based on the actions of a few, but think all opponents of the Ground Zero Mosques are bigots … based on the actions of a few
  • You think murderers have the right to live, but unborn babies don’t
  • You think drugs should be legal, but fast food shouldn’t
  • You are a fervent supporter of the first amendment, but think Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly should be forced off the air.
  • You think racism is wrong, but draw meaningful conclusions about a social or political movement based on the fact a majority of its proponents are white.
  • You think it’s wrong to legislate morality and prove it by consistently legislating morality.
  • You think conservatives are Nazis, bigots, homophobes, “tea baggers” and nutjobs, but stand firmly against hate speech.
  • You believe in freedom of religion (there’s that pesky first amendment again) but hate Christians and find the word “God” offensive.
  • You have a “coexist” bumper sticker, but think all conservatives should die.
  • You think Che Guevara liked black people.
  • You think the government should stay out of your bedroom, but want it to interfere everyplace else.
  • You believe in a free Internet, completely controlled by the FCC.
  • You refer to the nation’s most successful news network as “Faux News,” while getting your information from Media Matters and Huffington Post.
  • You think Andrew Breitbart should go to jail, but Mumia should be freed.
  • You are gay and support Palestine, where it is illegal to be gay.
  • You think government corruption is wrong, but are in full support of the UN where corruption has run rampant.
  • You think there’s anything courageous about restraint.
  • You believe in freedom of the press, as long as that press is reactionary and liberal. Otherwise, not so much.
  • You hate Ann Coulter, but love Lisa Lampanelli.
  • You think taking from the rich to give to the poor is just, so that the poor can become rich, upon which money will be taken from them to give to the poor, etc.
  • You are a strong supporter of feminism as the idea that women are strong, independent and powerful, but Sarah Palin should STFU.
  • You think all “minorities” should be treated equally, but ridicule any member of such a group who doesn’t think or vote according to the progressive agenda.
  • You think a handful of anti-Muslim incidents proves all conservatives are evil, whereas thousands upon thousands of suicide bombings and terrorist attacks by radical Muslims says nothing about Islam.
  • You support gay rights, but are convinced all gay conservatives are self-loathing and should be silenced.
  • You report this post as spam or abusive because you don’t like it.
8 Responses to “You Might be a Liberal if…”
  1. JO says:

    Wow. That’s a nice list of strawman and Ad hominem .
    “You are a fervent supporter of the first amendment, but think Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly should be forced off the air.. and You believe in freedom of religion (there’s that pesky first amendment again) but hate Christians and find the word “God” offensive.”

    You know that the first amendment only says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Doesn’t say anything about freedom from criticism. You know that right?

    And ..
    Sarah Palin should STFU because she’s a complete moron, and not because she’s a woman.

    Here’s a little something for you to think about….

    • ChrisIsRIGHT says:

      When I said “think Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly should be forced off the air” I wasn’t talking about people criticizing either of them. I was talking about people who, surprise!, think they should be forced off the air. Which isn’t criticism, now is it?

      Thank you for correctly stating the First Amendment. Now show me where it says “separation of church and state.” Doesn’t? Does it. So people who are violently opposed to the word “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, for example, or who forbid prayer in federal buildings – as the Kennedy Center did to Beck until he protested and they relented – aren’t really practicing what the Constitution states, are they? No. they’re not.

      As for strawmen and ad hominem attacks, you’ll see all my bullet points consisted of attacking arguments, not people. See, an ad homimem attack is an attack on a person. It’s from the Latin: “to the man”

      Now, saying Sarah Palin is a moron is an ad hominem attack. By the way, you’re a total hypocrite. As to your strawman assertion, turn on the news once in a while. Gloria Steinem, Amanda Marcotte and other feminists have repeatedly attacked Palin and other conservative women specifically because they are women who do not believe in abortion “rights.”

      Now, go away and read a book.

    • DCG says:

      There you go…Palin a complete moron? Please provide proof. She graduated from college. She was elected because the people of her home state are morons? She’s made millions because she’s a moron? You could insert Obama in these sentences and come to the same conclusion. There goes a liberal – when someone thinks feelings are facts.

    • dbear says:

      Dude, did you read your own post? Rational mentation does not stem from non sequitur. I appreciate your need to strike back, but really, get a grip!

  2. kerry says:

    this may be runner-up to my favourite post.

  3. rightwingattila says:

    Chris isn’t only RIGHT, he’s CORRECT!

  4. niejwa says:

    Chris…you forgot one on your list…you might be a Liberal if….you have a bumper sticker “Make Tea Not War” and have no realization that The Taliban or Ahmadinejad would intimately familiarize you with an AK47 right before they chopped your head off. Oh, and lets not forget Hamas, Putin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Castro, Hilter, Chavez, The Bloods, The Crips, Pablo Escobar…on and on and on …. would do the same.

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