The Liberal Respect for Life

UPDATE – Monday, 2:00 PM: I’m so sorry this post is so very rambling and repetitive. I’m upset, sad, frustrated and very emotionally drained. I know it’s not very well written, but it makes up for lack of literary achievement in total sincerity. Also, thanks to ‘Joan in Podunk’ for providing some valuable statistics in the comments I was too lazy to look up.

My best friend is dying. Right now. He is a terminal cancer patient and was diagnosed several years ago, when I first met him. Now, we’re approaching his final days. He has no family and only a handful of friends.

For the past several days, I’ve been sitting with him. He drifts in and out of lucidity. Sometimes, he knows exactly where he is and what’s going on. Other times, he doesn’t even know who is in the room with him.

He has hospice care. They do what they can. Lovely people who work hard to preserve the quality of life during one’s final days. A nurse comes by occasionally. A social worker checks in on him. They even have volunteers to come and do his chores. What they don’t have? A place for him to die safely.

See, I’m not a medical person. While this man is my friend, I can’t sit with him 24/7 and make sure he is safe. Yesterday, he was urinating in the sink and smoking with his oxygen machine turned on. If he’d had the oxygen hose attached to his face at the time, the gas would have ignited and he would have probably burned to death.

They tell me this happens not infrequently.

We have a huge deficit in Washington State. In August, Governor Christine Gregoire signed budget cuts to help fend off total disaster. This includes the Welfare To Work program, which helps poor families get trained, go back to work and move up the corporate ladder to financial success.

Seattle has methadone clinics, which take medicaid and medicare, of course. Some of our pharmacies don’t, because they don’t get reimbursed. Our State mental health counseling services, such as Sound Mental Health and Center for Psychiatric Services, have little support for Medicare, but lots for Medicaid. People on long-term disability often don’t get Medicaid as they are put on federal programs, such as Social Security, which offer Medicare.

All I hear from the liberal media is how icky we conservatives are for speaking out against illegal immigration and relaxed drug laws. How we don’t want to pay for entitlement programs, such as Welfare. How evil we are for not wanting to fund abortions. How mean we are for not wanting to pay junkies to reform.

Well, this is why. This is exactly why we don’t want to fund those things. Because of my dying friend.

A welfare to work program? Maybe I’m out of line with my conservative brethren, but if we’re going to put money into social programs, one that helps people find and keep jobs is exactly the type I’d like my tax dollars to support. Other types of welfare have no end date.

A methadone program paid for by Medicaid? Not so much.

While liberal Seattleites talk about evil Arizona wanting the borders sealed, they neglect to mention 100% of heroin seized by the DEA in King County in 2006 was Mexican in origin. 100 per cent. That’s ALL of it, for the mathematically challenged.

Instead, we laud the success of the needle exchange program.

Now, our liberal governor is having to cut costs across the board. Which is exactly what conservatives have been saying we have to do for years.

Liberals think the death penalty is cruel, but partial birth abortion is just. They think poor people who don’t want to work deserve welfare, but cut the funding of those families trying to better themselves. And, because they insist on paying for junkies to get their next fix, my friend can’t get into a safe hospice where he might die with some dignity.

Why? Because there isn’t enough money to go around.

We have over 11,000 more families on welfare in Washington State than we did in June 2008. We have a prison population overly represented by illegal immigrants who, for some reason, aren’t being deported.

Meanwhile, my dying friend is laying in bed without proper nursing care because there isn’t enough money to fund it. It’s called priorities, people. Let’s get some, shall we?

Next time you see a line of people outside a methadone clinic waiting for their government apportioned opiate fixes, be sure to thank them for me, won’t you? Also, since liberals are going to cut social programs anyway, why not vote for the party that’s honest about it?

I know for a fact liberals aren’t evil people. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a better life for everyone. Here’s a big “upside your head” with the clue by four, though. We all do. We all want that. Liberalism has clearly failed in providing that, and the current conditions in Washington State alone prove it.

Liberals have lost a respect for life. They don’t want to justly punish those who take it. They don’t want to preserve it for the unborn. And, in encouraging the victim mentality that blames the haves for the disparities suffered by the have-nots, they’ve removed the spirit of individualism from the American dialogue.

Everyone is a victim now.

Consequently, social programs are being cut across the board by 7%, with another 10% cut coming in the next fiscal year or so. Taxes are increasing (have you bought a candy bar or a soda lately.)

And, meanwhile, my friend is still dying. Without proper medical care.

7 Responses to “The Liberal Respect for Life”
  1. joaninpdunk says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. My prayers are with him and you. I also want to point out that Gov. Gregoir did not have much choice in cutting funding to the hospice program. I mean really. How can we Washingtonians afford it along with other, more important things like:
    … the more than $600,000 of pension payments to dead people.
    …the $180,000 worth of lost or stolen state owned laptop computers and cell phones as well as the $9,000 in missing gas credit cards. (Not to mention the $431,376 stolen from the Crime Victims Fund.)
    …the $442,000 for our new “Say Wa?” tourist campaign.
    … the $2.5 million for a community Inviting House, Longhouse and Museum for the Clearwater Casino Resort (whoops, sorry, that was a typo. I meant to say the Suquamish Indian tribe.)
    …the $1.5 million for pretty lights on the Tacoma Narrows bridge. It makes everything so pretty. We deserve this slice of beauty.
    …and speaking of pretty, don’t we NEED to spend 1 million on the Hiawatha Artist Lofts in Seattle? Artists, Chris, you know- the starving type?
    … or the $422,000 spent on an insurance policy to ensure the operation of the ferry system is not disrupted by labor disputes in a state where strikes by state public employees are illegal

    Really, Chris. It can’t be all the fault of the Kotex mafia. (Whoops, another typo- I meant the liberals running this tate.)

  2. joaninpdunk says:

    Ah..I forgot a few important projects: $360,000 for the KCTS V-me Spanish Language TV Station; $300,000 to host International Trade Fairs; $300,000 for the Labor Center at Evergreen State College to teach our youth how to go on strike (as long as they aren’t ferry workers;) $200,000 for the Zero Energy House at Shoreline Community College; $150,000 for the new Center for Advanced Manufacturing in Kent; $150,000 for Seattle Campaña Quetzal- a community organization dedicated to reducing the achievement gap experienced by Latino students; $142,000 for Animal Massage Practitioners (no. I’m not joking;) $125,000 to explore using sugar beets at bio-fuel; $118,500 for Department of Early Learning Polling and Focus Groups; $100,000 for Seattle Aquarium scholarships, $66,000 for Christmas Tree inspections, $31,723 for paying the ferry worker to ride home after work; $20,000 for the Wing It Productions historical theater; $150,000 for the Arts West Playhouse and Gallery; $800,000 for the Ashford Cultural Center and Mountaineering Museum; $75,000
    Beaver Mitigation of Little Spokane River; $1,000,000 for the Bethel Community Center, $5,000,000 Bremerton Downtown Projects; $1,600,000 for the Burien Town Square,and $433,000 City of Everett Minor League Baseball.

    However… a bit of good news for you. As well as cutting funding to hospice service, the Larch Corrections Center will also be closing, so we won’t housing quite as many illegal aliens anymore.

  3. kerry says:

    i am so sorry about your friend.

  4. DCG says:

    So sorry to hear of your friend’s condition.

  5. Kimberly_AE says:

    I’m so sorry about your friend, you both have my prayers.

    Maybe I’m just cynical but why does it always seem like whenever liberals in government run into a deficit, some of the first things they cut “across the board” are funds for cops, firefighters, emergency services or much needed social services like end of life hospice care. For a group that claims to actually “care” more about people they don’t seem to have a hard time sticking it to those really in need when they get in the way of their agenda (or re-election).

    I’m glad you’re there to stand up for and help your friend, stay strong.

  6. JO says:

    Perhaps the root of your discomfort is the inability to see people and opinions on their own merit without concern for labeling them liberal or conservative. Sounds like your friend can use some socialized medicine.

    • ChrisIsRIGHT says:

      Oh, I can see the total lack of merit in Leftist, progressive opinions. Socialized medicine is collapsing the economies of the UK and Canada, by the way. And the social programs in Washington State are EXACTLY the reason my friend is getting sub-par care. Thanks for the sympathy on his impending death, by the way. You’re a real humanitarian. Hope you’re enjoying those Varsity burgers with your condescension.

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