Ann Coulter Dropped from WorldNetDaily Conference

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WorldNetDaily has dropped Ann Coulter from a speaking engagement at their “Taking America Back National Conference” after she agreed to be the keynote speaker at this year’s “Homocon,” a conference for gay conservatives sponsored by the group GOProud.

Says WND CEO, Joseph Farah:

Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for us to have Ann speak to a conference about ‘taking America back’ when she clearly does not recognize that the ideals to be espoused there simply do not include the radical and very ‘unconservative’ agenda represented by GOProud,” said Farah. “The drift of the conservative movement to a brand of materialistic libertarianism is one of the main reasons we planned this conference from the beginning.

More and more, it is groups like WND who are drifting from the conservative movement as they attempt to instill a moral and religious framework by which the rest of us must live. While they represent a legitimate faction of the conservative movement, WND insists on owning the term “conservative,” and they are wrong to do so.

Still, I doubt WND will be alone. As their article mentions, when GOProud sponsored CPAC, many “traditional family values” groups pulled their support.

WND, which takes the lunatic (and liberal born) “birther” stance on Barack Obama, is flailing. Farah continues:

GOProud is about infiltration of the conservative movement and dividing it from within with twisted and dangerous ideas way out of the mainstream of American public opinion.

Which proves WND has no idea what the mainstream American opinion is on gays in the military, and even a contentious issue such as gay marriage. The fact they would like to outlaw “sodomy” proves they have their heads up their asses, which would put them first in front of the judge if their own ideas became law.

Still, WND has a point. Coulter is risking something to speak at Homocon. Gay conservatives are the “schmoes” of the political world. Hated by the left for being self-loathing. Hated by some religious extremists on the right for daring to not die of shame and … self-loathing.

While WND, and even Coulter herself, states her reasons for speaking are financial, Ann is hardly a stupid woman. She must have known there would be a reaction like this.

Personally, I love Ann Coulter. Even before GOProud announced her speech. She is witty, intelligent and blatant; something America desperately needs. Whether she agrees with GOProud, or any other gay oriented group, on social issues is besides the point. She is not just taking money for a speech. She is taking a principled stand. One of liberty.

I don’t need Ann’s support to validate my “lifestyle.” Nor does she need mine to validate her faith and values. We obviously share core, conservative principles; something that WND doesn’t get. Limited government, the rights guaranteed in the Constitution, and a willingness to work out differences on issues that affect us all.

Gay conservatives take a, uh, beating from our Leftist “colleagues,” and Coulter has jumped on the bus with us. She has said “yes,” not only to her speaker’s fee, but to the right of individuals to disagree and still have their voices heard.

She has paved the way for social conservatives. Not to accept or condone everything we do, but to tolerate us as fellow Americans. Something many conservatives have already done, much to WND’s dismay.

Is it any wonder the Left is spitting nails over Coulter’s appearance, even more than WND is? Coulter bolsters the conservative movement by proving so-called “minorities” have a place there.

Of course, WND isn’t so brave. They will keep running Coulter’s columns. Because a principled stance isn’t quite as important as the readership someone of her status brings them.

Morals, indeed.

(A tip of the hat to @Kimberly_AE for tweeting this article.)

One Response to “Ann Coulter Dropped from WorldNetDaily Conference”
  1. Tim says:

    First Elton John crosses the line, now Coulter. R’s appreciate capitalism, D’s heads explode. Who’s next?

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