Harry Reid – No Cracker, Jack!

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The Face of Liberal Tolerance - Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)

You may remember Harry Reid (D, natch), the senior US Senator from lovely Nevada, from the intense debate on health care. He likened opposition to health care reform with slavery.

Or, you may remember him by his references to now President Barack Obama as being “light skinned” enough with “no Negro dialect” to be elected by white people.

Or, you may remember him from his claim that no illegal aliens worked construction in his state.

If not, you will certainly know him from now on for this:

Some people might disagree. Like, for instance, the Republican running against Senator Reid’s son in the NV gubernatorial race is Hispanic.

Or, perhaps, you might be the son of Cuban immigrants running for the Senate from the State of Florida.

Or, you might just be one of these guys.

Or these guys.

Thank God there’s a good, liberal white man like Harry Reid to monitor the acceptability of those pesky people of color. Whether they’re acting too black, or voting too right, Harry’s got your back. Just be careful he doesn’t stick a knife in it.

I wonder where Reid buys his sheets.

One Response to “Harry Reid – No Cracker, Jack!”
  1. DCG says:

    This guy is completely pathetic. What’s even more pathetic is the lame stream media letting him get away with this. You know if a republican said this about any other group they would be crucified by the media.

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