My New Project is All About Red Eye

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All y’all who follow me on Twitter already know this, so no point in reading further. Of course, if you want to read further, I’d be thrilled. Because nothing says love like blog stats. Except, of course, cold hard cash.

Last week, I was approached by the editors at NewsReal Blog. It seems, since we all follow each other on Twitter and are friends on Facebook, they caught wind I liked a certain, late-night comedy show on FOX News called Red Eye. Turns out, NRB used to do a daily post about Red Eye, but the guy who did it has since been promoted to editor and hasn’t been able to commit the time.

I was thrilled when I was approached to revive the Red Eye tradition on NRB and quickly accepted.

I’d like to point out I am not affiliated with the show in any way, shape or form. Neither FOX News, nor Red Eye in particular endorses anything I write in reaction to their episodes. This is purely a labor of love.

I’ve been sitting on this news for the past week or so. I was planning to go out of town for a while, but unfortunately, those plans fell through. Consequently, yesterday was my Red Eye debut. I couldn’t have asked for a more serendipitous time, as host Greg Gutfeld announced his plans to build a multicultural, interfaith gay bar next to the planned “Ground Zero Mosque Community Center.”

While these posts are going to be nightly, on nights when Red Eye runs, I’m going to try and prevent this new gig from interfering with my other blogging, which I love to do. I’m just adding more and more to my plate. Building my online resume, as it were.

I probably won’t be cross-posting my Red Eye material to this blog. If you’re a Red Eye fan and want to follow my posts, you can follow the Red Eye tag at NRB. Alternately, you can follow my posts, specifically.

I look forward to your comments. Here, there and everywhere.

Also, while I’m sure my posts don’t affect TV’s Andy Levy one way or the other, today just happens to be his birthday! Happy birthday to television’s greatest ombudsman and one heck of a guy.

UPDATE: I know, I know. I just started doing these posts! But, I need a vacation. Not from Red Eye. Heavens no! Not from NewsReal Blog. The Saints forbid! But, and don’t tell anyone, it’s my birthday on wednesday! I’ll be…. old. Consequently, one day is no longer enough to encompass the wonder. I now need a whole week!

I’ll be back a week from Monday (that’s September 6th) with brand new Red Eye posts.

One Response to “My New Project is All About Red Eye”
  1. Just wanted to say one more time: yay!!!

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