NRB – I Like Ann Coulter, Ergo I Hate Myself

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My latest post is up at David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog!

Thank God there’s Judy McGuire, a blogger for The Seattle Weekly, to tell me how I feel about myself, because batting for the “other team” means towing the Leftist gay agenda at every possible moment.

Today, Ms. McGuire writes in her blog at The Weekly:

Ann Coulter is the human equivalent of a weeping, pus-filled sore  located deep in the diseased rectum of Adolf Hitler’s rotting corpse. Her cackling, hate-filled pratter has targeted everyone from widows of people killed during the World Trade Center attacks to Muslims to Canadians to “faggots.” So wasn’t I gobsmacked to see during my daily perusal of Joe. My. God. that this she-beast will be appearing at the HomoCon. Or as Joe. My. God. dubbed it, the “National Convention of Self-Loathing Homosexuals.”

The conference is sponsored by a group called, GOProud, an organization representing ‘gay conservatives and their allies.’

Isn’t McGuire charming? The very epitome of Leftist tolerance.

Coulter is a speaker at this year’s HomoCon, an event for gay conservatives sponsored by GOProud.

McGuire – and Joe. My. God., for that matter – can’t understand how anyone could disagree with a political point of view that doesn’t put one’s minority status ahead of trivial issues such as the Bill of Rights or self-actualization.

(continue reading at NewsReal Blog)


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