You Might be a Liberal if…

You think big government will save us from big business You think it’s wrong to draw conclusions about groups of people (like Muslims) based on the actions of a few, but think all opponents of the Ground Zero Mosques are bigots … based on the actions of a few You think murderers have the right … Continue reading

The Liberal Respect for Life

UPDATE – Monday, 2:00 PM: I’m so sorry this post is so very rambling and repetitive. I’m upset, sad, frustrated and very emotionally drained. I know it’s not very well written, but it makes up for lack of literary achievement in total sincerity. Also, thanks to ‘Joan in Podunk’ for providing some valuable statistics in … Continue reading

My Moral Compass

Recently, a fellow blogger asked some tough philosophical questions regarding Natural Law. It’s my basic contention that morality isn’t universal. It’s hers that it is. We come from very different perspectives, and one of the things she had trouble with was finding an atheist willing or able to discuss his moral underpinnings. In other words, … Continue reading

Men Can Stop Rape?

Several years ago, I ran across the following website: Men Can Stop Rape Of course, I am all for violent, sexually motivated crime being stopped. Rape is a particularly horrendous crime as it not only damages a person (and yes, almost always a woman) physically, but also emotionally. Furthermore, there is a long history of … Continue reading

Ken Mehlman Comes Out as Gay

I’m fairly new to the political scene, and even newer to the conservative/Republican political scene, so it’s hard for me to put this in context. However, there can now be no doubt that former Bush campaign chief and RNC chairman Ken Mehlman is gay, because he is now saying so. Judging from reactions on Twitter, … Continue reading

OMG! Fox News Has Ties to Rauf!

Media Matters has uncovered more skulduggery by the nefarious, Satan-based, conservative news channel known as Fox. Or, in other words, they reprinted much of a story written by someone else and added emphasis in the way of “ominous” “quotes” and blatant misrepresentation of facts. Facts they’re reporting on the very same page. Turns out, one … Continue reading

What is a Social Conservative? And Do They Hate Gays?

My most recent post at NewsReal Blog has raised some interesting questions. For me, at least. The biggest question is this: what does it mean to be a social conservative? That question is quickly followed by: if I’m not a social conservative, does that mean I’m not a conservative at all? And the third: who … Continue reading

Obama to FINALLY Get a Break

God love him, Barack Obama, the hardest working president in American history since January 2009, is finally getting away from the never-ending drear of his hectic schedule. In the past month alone, he has vacationed in The Gulf, spent his birthday in Chicago (while lovely wife Michele crusaded hard against Spanish fatties) and partied with … Continue reading

Ann Coulter Dropped from WorldNetDaily Conference

WorldNetDaily has dropped Ann Coulter from a speaking engagement at their “Taking America Back National Conference” after she agreed to be the keynote speaker at this year’s “Homocon,” a conference for gay conservatives sponsored by the group GOProud. Says WND CEO, Joseph Farah: Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for … Continue reading

My Last Word on the Ground Zero Mosque

The whole Ground Zero Mosque kerfuffle will continue for quite some time. Until it’s built, and long after, I suspect. However, I find there is only so much one can say about it. I will continue to lend my support to those opposed to the mosque on philosophical and moral grounds. If it’s pertinent, I … Continue reading

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