NRB – We’re Here, We’re Queer, and We’re TOTALLY Not Politicizing Our Military Service

My latest post has gone live at David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog:

A new group of gay, lesbian and bisexual active duty military men and women has formed. Calling itself OutServe, the group “aims to give new voice to LGBT service members currently serving in the U.S. military,” says The Washington Blade, a DC based website targeting the LGBT community.

Great. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”  (DADT) hasn’t even been repealed yet, and there’s already a gay rights group for military personnel. How much of the gay agenda will OutServe be pushing?

The group has existed, underground, since October, 2009, and has already toured schools to talk about DADT, causing such an uproar at one college, that a subsequent speech on campus by Army officer had to be canceled due to protests, says The Blade.

In the interests of full disclosure, I must state I’ve never served in the military. But, from the people I know who have, this is their biggest fear with gays serving openly: a political action group working to promote the interests of a minority within the ranks. And this seems to be what OutServe could become.

“One of the things that we see a lot coming from the Pentagon is they’re saying ‘gay advocates’ are saying this, or certain things are happening, and like to use the word ‘advocates,’” Smith said. “As we created a group that is just active duty, it’s no longer advocates are saying this it’s now their own people.”

Read the rest at NewsReal Blog:


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