Welcome to America: No Fat Chicks

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One of the stories I missed reporting on while I was away was the BMI  “scandal.” Everything is a scandal these days, but this really is. The CDC would like to start tracking the obesity epidemic in America and it wants your health records to do it.

By 2014, every person in America seeking medical treatment must have a universal electronic medical record. And, this record must track Body Mass Index (BMI), the CDC’s preferred method for measuring obesity.

I’ve heard some talk that this information will not only be accessible by the government and your health care provider, but potentially by employers as well. I can’t find a legitimate news story that reports this offhand, so let’s call it pure speculation at this point, but I really wouldn’t be surprised.

Massachusetts has already approved measuring the BMI of school children and sending reports home to their parents. And that happened over a year ago, before the whole “fatty” problem became Michelle Obama’s raison d’etre.

Let’s say the speculation is correct. Employers can now ask for your BMI, and potentially refuse you health insurance or employment, because we fatties are higher health risks. Great. What’s next?

We’re targeting the “obesity epidemic” as a nation. Obama wants everyone to have health insurance, but what do you want to bet it will now be mandated by law that you either fall under a specific height/weight range or are denied benefits? What do you want to bet it will be perfectly legal for your employer to fire you because your waist size is too large?

There’s also an AIDS epidemic in this country. Do you think someone’s HIV status should be collectible by the government? How about Herpes? Hepatitis C? Diabetes? Should your employer know these things about you, too?

You may not know this, but there is already (and has been for years and years) a national tumor database. Every tumor reported by every doctor in the US is put into a database and tracked … anonymously and without connection to a patient’s name. Yet, this new centralizing of medical information seems to break with the anonymous trend. The CDC doesn’t want to know how many obese Americans there are; they want to know how obese you are. Why?

This is what you voted for, America. You wanted the government to expand and take control. And it is. Oh, boy, how it is. Remember when you were a teenager and you couldn’t wait to turn 18 so you could get your own place and make your own rules? Surprise! You just moved back in with your parents. Except, now, there are hundreds of thousands of them and all their eyes are on you.

While you can, you better make sure you quit smoking, stop eating salt, stop drinking ever, stop being genetically disposed to breast cancer, stop doing anything Mommy and Daddy Obama, et al, might not like, because soon you’ll be under the microscope. (Oh, yeah. And there are tests that can tell whether you’ve done drugs ever, so you better hope you never hit a bong at a party in college…unless you’re the President, of course.)

Welcome to the New America: no fat chicks.

One Response to “Welcome to America: No Fat Chicks”
  1. Joseph Veca says:

    Oh this ought to be good. Because if congress tries to pass it, it can be challenged under the US Supreme Court Ruling of Roe v Wade.

    And everyone just had a “WTF?” moment.

    You see, the Roe v Wade decision didn’t legalized abortion, it made abortion possible as a result of the ruling.

    The ruling under Roe v Wade gave Doctor/Patient conversations/information/treatment the same privacy protection as statements made during Confession.

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