Why Pro-Abortion is Anti-Feminist

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One happy, un-aborted, post-fetus

Oh, I know, I know. I’m a big, bad, man who has a sense of humor and isn’t at all politically correct. Clearly, a misogynist pig with absolutely no right to have any opinion on a purely feminist issue such as abortion at all.

Well, stuff it. I’ve got one and you’re going to read about it.

See the baby in that pic up there? Know who it is? Yeah, it’s me. This was taken in November of 1966, several years before Washington State (where I was born) legalized abortion. And a full 7 years before the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision of 1973.

Why is that pertinent? Because I was adopted.

I remember the day my parents told me I was adopted. Both my sister and I were pulled into the living room and given “the talk.” It was delivered with much love, and my parents explained they were telling us because they didn’t want us to find out another way, or to be made fun of.

Honestly, it was no big deal. As an adult, I seem to have always known I was adopted, and it’s simply been a part of my life. The people who raised me are my parents, my family, and I love them. It makes no difference whether “their blood” flows through my veins. That’s not what it means to be a parent. They gave me support, life and love. That’s what it means to be a parent.

The point is, my birth parents, who were young students at college, might very well have chosen to abort their pregnancy had that been a legal option at the time. I might never have existed. So excuse me if I feel I have a right to weigh in on the subject.

Recently, I’ve seen a spate of so-called feminists denouncing pro-life, Conservative women as “not real feminists” for daring to part with the NOW approved political and social pro-abortion push.

You know what? They can kiss my fat, un-aborted ass.

I’m not a moral absolutist. I don’t think 100% of abortions should be illegal 100% of the time. But come on! One can’t be a feminist and be pro-life/anti-abortion? What a crock.

As an atheist, I don’t believe a bunch of cells has a soul, but as a human being, I do believe a bunch of cells developing into a fetus and, therefore, a human being, has the potential of human life, and therefore, some rights. It disgusts me that women cry about their right to privacy and reproductive self-determination on the abortion issue.

Where was your personal responsibility when you had (most likely) unprotected sex and got pregnant in the first place? I’m not condemning a woman who gets pregnant when she didn’t intend; none of us are perfect. But, unlike these women, I’ve taken responsibility for my mistakes and shortcomings.

I know a frightening number of women who have had abortions for sheer convenience. None of these women were raped, or had medical issues that would have made pregnancy risky. None of the fetuses in question were deformed in any way. I realize this is purely anecdotal evidence, but since I don’t haunt “unintentionally pregnant” chat rooms, I have to believe my anecdotal evidence is somewhat representative of the larger population.

When so many women are having abortions because they just didn’t want to be pregnant, I have to ask some questions. Why were you having unprotected sex in the first place? Did you, mistakenly, believe it was “up to the man” to protect you from pregnancy by wearing a condom? Since he didn’t, and you slept with him anyway, is it his fault you got pregnant? Now that you’re not pregnant, did you get tested for HIV? HPV? Cervical Cancer? Chlamydia? Gonorrhea? Syphilis?

This is my problem with the very pro-abortion stance of the left. It’s not “abortion should be legal out of medical necessity to protect a woman’s health.” It’s become “abortion is my right and, therefore, I don’t have to have any personal responsibility for my own reproductive system, physical health or continued well being. If I get pregnant, the father better pay. If I choose abortion, the father has nothing to say about it. It’s all about me, me, me!”

Sorry, that’s not feminism; that pure, liberal selfishness.

If you have rights over your reproductive system, then you have responsibility for that same reason. If you are going to engage in behavior where pregnancy could be a result, then you pay the consequences. If that’s abortion, you fund it. If that’s a child, you pay for it. If it’s your right and no one else, then you shoulder 100% of the responsibility as an empowered, free-thinking and fully capable woman.

That, my friends, is true feminism.

But the pro-abortion movement doesn’t teach responsibility. It teaches a woman she isn’t responsible for her sexual health. It misleads her into thinking she has a safety net, just in case. Sure, you can get rid of an unwanted baby. But how about herpes or hepatitis C?

When I read about teenage girls being taken to get an abortion by their school, and totally without a parent’s knowledge, I know things have gone far too far. When I, who has lived in a “high risk” group and somehow managed to live thus far through the AIDS crisis, see young women being taught pregnancy is the only consequence of sex, I get furious.

And, when I think of how I might never have been, I get scared.

It seems, not only are we actively encouraging women to get abortions like it’s no big deal, we’re advocating abortion at later and later stages. While biologists, philosophers, religious leads and doctors may not have agreed where life begins, no one can doubt that an unborn baby with arms, legs, eyes and … feelings, are little people. Where are their rights to live?

Pro-abortion isn’t feminism. It’s anti-feminism. It’s another example of Those Who Know Best for all of us misdirecting from the truth. Women aren’t victims, so they are responsible for their actions. Unborn babies are clearly people. And, know what Ms. Steinem? Approximately half of those little, unwanted children have vaginas. When are you going to stand up for them?

Truth is, pro-life conservative women are more pro-woman and pro-feminism than any of you freakish, leftist baby killers will ever be. And that, my dear, dear friends, is a fact.

3 Responses to “Why Pro-Abortion is Anti-Feminist”
  1. Joseph Veca says:

    Depending on whose numbers you are using; somewhere between 2%-5% of abortions fall under the rape/incest/medical necessity category as the reason for the abortion.

    As a Catholic (don’t go getting your knickers in a knot yet) it is a given that I am against abortion, but I also know as a practical reality, there are times when an abortion is warranted, like the aforementioned reasons.

    My biggest complaint with the pro-life advocates is the fact they don’t do enough to change the laws to make adoption easier and less expensive (average cost of adoption in the US runs between $32,000 to $150,000 depending on state and agency)and provide services to help women carry the child to term.

    • ChrisIsRIGHT says:


      First, business. For some reason, Askismet is now blocking your comments as Spam. Has nothing to do with you, and if I can find a way to fix it so you’re automatically approved again, I will. Just wanted to let you know in case you don’t see your comments showing up for a couple days.

      Now, to content.

      That’s one of my complaints, too. Adoption is very expensive. There is a very long waiting period. It’s a mess. Partly, this is due to the face that everyone wants newborns. I worked in the adoption industry parenthetically as a web designer for a while, on a site helping foster kids find forever families, and we were constantly fielding calls along the lines of “where are the infants?”

      It’s a peeve of mine as well.

      My other issue is that abortion is is getting more and more liberal. Now, abortions can be performed later on in the pregnancy, without regard to the development of the fetus. Now, younger and younger people can have abortions without even their parents’ knowledge, if they are underage.

      I’m with you. Abortions should be legal for the reasons you stated. Of course, there are always going to be people who have them for other reasons, but we should be discouraging abortion as a form of birth control. It’s dangerous and … icky.

  2. I heard on the news yesterday and pro-abortion groups are protesting a law in Wisconsin that would require women to watch a video on abortion and view a picture of the current developmental stage of their fetus. Why is that a problem? Shouldn’t a woman have ALL the facts before she aborts her baby? I thought feminists were about empowering women? Apparently, abortion-loving feminists consider that dangerous – someone might change their mind and a baby will live to see the light of day. As we talked with our social worker during the adoption process, we learned that the number of abortions each year in the U.S. is nearly equal to the number of couples waiting to adopt. Interesting…

    Count me as another who is grateful that abortion wasn’t an option for the birth-mother of my children.

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