NRB – Yay! June is Leftist Pride Month! Time for The Stranger to Ridicule Gay Conservatives

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Did I say Leftist Pride? I meant Gay Pride, of course. You know, that one month where oppressed homosexuals, completely devoid of any civil rights thanks to witless, anti-humanitarian Conservatives, are allowed to come out of the closet and meekly march down the center of every city and town in the entire free world.

Gay Pride is all about the expression of individual liberty, something that all leftists fervently support.

Or do they?

In honor of Pride, possibly Seattle’s most radical newspaper, The Stranger, has published its “Queer” issue. In it is an entire section devoted to “Republicans I have ‘Coupled’ With.”

One article, by Eli Sanders, recounts three experiences with gay, conservative men. The article is titled The Nazi – To Say Nothing of the Log Cabin Republican and the Bossy Anesthesiologist.

I’ll say little about the Nazi. The fact that Sanders  misunderstands National Socialism as a far Right movement, rather than a far Left one, says a lot about his educational brainwashing and social bias.

But his reminiscence of the time spent with the Log Cabin Republican is extremely telling.

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  1. […] It appears a bakery in Indianapolis (a city) has refused to sell rainbow frosted cupcakes to a gay campus group who wanted to celebrate National Coming Out Day. You know, because the gays are all about diversity (hence the rainbow.) As a gay conservative, I know I’m totally welcome at all gay events and have the full support of “my” community. […]

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